Pokemon: Gotta Catch 'Em All

That’s right. Pokemon. I recently got a GBC emulator on my phone (younger brother introduced me to what an emulator is and showed me how to get Pokemon Yellow). It’s so nostalgic to play it again. I played red, blue, and yellow. I also played gold, silver, and Crystal.

Were the other versions any good? I heard they remade red with Fire Red? Who’s your favorite(s)?

Charizard, Scyther, Sandslash, Hitmonchan, and Gyrados!

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The only Pokemon game I’ve ever played was Pokemon Go when it first came out. I got an Eevee pretty quickly, and when my daughter explained how it worked, I managed to evolve it into a Flareon. (And that’s about as far as I ever got in understanding Pokemon.)

So …

Eevee best Pokemon. Fight me.

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You’ve been deprived. If you don’t mind me asking, when were your childhood (we’ll say K-8) years? Mine were from 1995-2003. Pokemon was a staple then. Also, if there is a next time, Jolteon. Always evolve Eevee into Jolteon.

I liked heart gold/soul silver. I liked second gen more than first and it has my favourite starter totodile. Remember playing the original version a bit and so playing the remake fully was nice. Seeing my Pokémon follow was something I really liked, it was so cute. I do also quite like x/y more so cuz it style and some new things added than its Pokédex entries.

Fav Pokémon I can’t really say one but some that are up there is cubone, totodile, raikou and arcanine

Once your done look for omnicrom it’s a nice mod of the game and as a good story

For some odd reason I absolutely refuse to believe this

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First game I ever played, owned and the first Pokemon game was Pokemon Pearl. I remember how much I struggled to play the game since there was no tutorial for stuff like ‘saving’ so I would literally choose Chimchar and have him evolve in the same damn mine every time until I realized I can save. I remember the first time my mother would tell me to stop playing and I would go “I CANNnn’TT IM IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLE.”

My personal biased games would be “Pearl, White, X, Sapphire (and Alpha Sapphire) and then Red.” I remember getting clickbaited by YouTube videos of people getting legendaries that were unobtainable and I used to do what they did. Pretty sure you can relate to that with the “move the truck to obtain Mew” thing in Red and Blue.

Fun times. Too bad it just got boring at one point. 500+ hours on every game which I had a hard copy of.

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Are those remakes of gold and silver? I may have to try fire red, leaf green, and those two. But alas, it seems none of you started with gen 1. None of you know the sheer joy of stumbling/upon learning the many programming glitches (or were they intentional!?) Like seeing MISSINGNO. off the coast of Cinnabar and then having 99 rare candies. The good ole days…

Yea the remakes, never fully played the originals cuz at the time I didn’t really like turn based games

Pokemon Sapphire on the GBA was my first and best pokemon game.

Pokemon has so many good games. I’m constantly goin back to White 2, Soulsilver, Yellow, and Mystery dungeon (explorers of sky was my first ever video game it’s the nostalgia)

My favourites from the original 151 is the Gengar line and the bulbasaur line.

Otherwise Samurott, Sableye and absol

Lol, it’s sad … but true.

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I remember Absol. I must not recall correctly, perhaps I did play a gen 3 one or is he gen 2? Really cool looking pokemon. My brothers played Ruby and sapphire. Perhaps I played em a bit too…

Also. To all stating otherwise. It is an objective truth that the gen 1 games are the best of the pokemom series. Hands down. They started it all. A pocket held, immersive world rpg where you’re training your little Pokemon/heroes. It connected millions with a childhood favorite TV show. Obviously, the graphics and gameplay improved rapidly with the others, but there’s just something about the OG gen 1 games.

absol is definitely gen 3 and it happens to be so popular that it has its own dedicated wikipedia page lol

i think gen 4 has by far the most well rounded games, the best soundtracks, great pokemon designs, the best storyline, the best evil team after team rocket and the best league champion Cynthia. i actually think gen 3 and gen 4 both outclass gen 1 in so many categories but the thing with gen 1 is that it’s so nostalgic to most people that it creates bias.

Guilty as charged. I’m 100% bias. I’ll have to check out the other games. But I’m trying to get all 150 in Yellow! So, that may not be for a while. I’ll have to start games in red and blue to trade with myself the few I can’t get ha.

I think he’s gen 3, I might be wrong tho.

White 2 is pretty fun, plus it has Serperior (best grass starter) and Reshiram which is a good looking legendary.

My first was fire red on the GBA then there were 2 on DS.
I played the first one to the end and my DS died during 2nd one.
I tried to get into 3ds one but got bored and didn’t bother to finish it.
Playing Go was not even possible because how mess streets here in my country are along with the fact that I do not use cellular data on my phone.

S’cuse me did you just diss Turtwig? Serperior gets outclassed by Samurott anyway. I’ll agree with you on one thing tho, white 2 is the best game.

I mean it’s just my personal preference, but yeah Torterra is also cool af, for me it’s second to Serperior.
However I’m just based on looks, never was into competitive, stats, IVs, EVs and that stuff, so yeah, Serp is my fav just because of looks and the pun on its name.

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