Pocophone F1 Ping?

So I bought this brand new Pocophone F1 by Xiaomi and got some problems. I get lag spikes every few seconds (300-1200ms) while this does not happen when I play VG on the iPhone 6 or the iPad Pro. (Example I and my brother were playing VG, and I was using Pocophone and he was using iPad Pro, I was getting lag spikes while his game never lagged).
Is anyone else experiencing the same on Pocophone F1?


You have to check if the device supported or not , but since you get lag it’s probably not supported so the game not responsible for lags you get because they are not supporting the device .

It can be firmware/OS problem. I played quite a lot with rooting/ports/ROMs/kernels and had various results depending on the OS/kernel I had. You can hope than an update can fix it and msg their support to give them your feedback.

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The list is old, this phone got released a month ago and the list latest update was 2017/10.

I’m not sure. Is there a way I could contact the support about this issue?
Also, I’m running VG on the highest resolution, it does not lag, and runs smoothly. Only problem is the ping. Could it be because I’m running it on high resolution?

Your phone got snapdragon 845 - the best android SOC right now, with a far more power than needed for maxed out vainglory. If there is a problem, it’s with the wifi chip. For start you can try to play on another router (some wifi chips doesn’t like exact models of routers or settings of the routers - like 2.4GHz or 5GHz, etc), then I would try mobile data to check if there are still those lags (if you got a good data connection). I would start with those.

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Yeah that’s the problem , they are focusing on the pc version now , the safest devices for vainglory are Samsung and Apple , then razor because they doing sponsor things .

Another bad (desperate) decision. It won’t get enough attention to survive via PC port right now. In the past 2.8 patch and before, it could lead to nice bump actually. The game was a lot more appealing, unique and FUN to play.

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