unnamed team for now

Hi all! We’re 2 friends from the EU region (SKILLERS and Ghav) and we want to start a team. If you fit the requirements below and you’re interested, please feel free to message me or my friend on Discord (SKILLLERS#5747 or ghav#5533). (:

Here are the requirements :

  • Be somewhat of a good captain (big + if you main that role bc we’re lacking one)
  • Be flexible : Sometimes we need you to fulfil certain positions other than the one you main
  • Be nice and open to voice calls during ranked matches
  • Be active
  • Your highest skill tier has to be min POA silver (exceptions can be made)
  • Non-toxic : We all get tilted, it’s the reality but flaming and getting pissed at teammates is unacceptable.

Thanks for reading!