PlayoffBeard (playoffbeardVG) is leaving SEMC


whats the reason.
30 chars shit

Man, going to miss him

(or his voice, I don’t know)


I know he said semc and vainglory future is good in his comments
But leaving the game after this big step 5v5 is actually telling something else

I think he is jumping from a sinking ship , the uncertainity is really can be seen clearly in devs faces in streams , i think 5v5 is rushed and they are trying to fix the problem , i think part of the 5v5 problem is heroes abilities , they perfectly designed for 3v3 and i still play 3v3 , just played 5v5 for the founder badge .


vainglory is inconsistent and he needs consistent job because of the kid

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What bothers me is that there were other departures announced not that long ago too. If it was just this one it would be easier to chalk up to something small. I can’t help but wonder what’s going on behind the scenes. Rip .-.

I can tell you some underlying things about the technology scene of the world. We are coming on the age we’re mobile devices and PC are becoming interchangable. The first experiments with this died out windows and Ubuntu phones, but a new company is working on a new try and have raised enough money to produce it. Sadly this ultimately means unless SEMC steps up on crossplatform playing with a system that makes money and makes people feel good it will be a failed company. Now fortunately for SEMC this merger of PC and mobile is still at least 5 years away, but with how long it took them to implement a buggy 5v5 sadly won’t allow them to change fast enough


So far Evilfinn left to go back to her family
Videovillan left because I think he got a better offer (probably)
And POB moved for work life balance I don’t think SEMC really in any trouble
2/3 were based on personal reasons so…

does SEMC have new devs… because now i think about it they did increase their numbers and their offices spaces so is their new devs. :thinking:

I think they are hiring but we stills don’t know how many people are there now

I just saw this this morning on Twitter. I literally cried. PoB has just always been there, at the front of every event, every dev stream. It’s hard to imagine Vainglory without him.

Hey we should make a tribute with his quotes and funny moments


Why do you think videovillan got a offer? He’s on break? What’s your source?

My heart hurt to hear him leaving… Vainglory will be kinda empty without him


Rip we’re losing all the great devs ;-;

Wish the game and the company will stay strong…

You got a lot of valid points that can be expanded in deep discussion, but all in all - vg was designed as 3vs3 game, dev faces, all the pro teams that droped VG game rouster, casual already hooked to the other MOBAs, serious gamers playing on their PCs, match wait times, looks like not a lot new players, support role kinda almost no impact (circle to first point - designed for 3vs3: one carry, one jungler, one support and map with single jungle and lane), add the golden key fiasco, all the RNG bundles, shutdown forum and a lot of people released from the company recently… I can keep going, but I am sure all of the people here are smart enough to atleast be a little bit worried. After all we love the game in the end of the day. :slight_smile:

Rarely one would publicaly state other type of reasons from the ones you listed and similar. :slight_smile:

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Sad, but also glad he is in a position to think of his family. Can’t imagine how rough the schedule has been from a production side of things, especially recently.

When an important member of something leaves, for me, is a bad sign.
I don’t want to have bad signs about SEMC or Vainglory, maybe he says he’s leaving for his child and money, but, that’s not enough for me.
Or I’m just paranoid.
Btw, I feel so bad about this, Going to miss him and the PlayoffZekent ship.
I hope he’ll come back, if everything goes well.


I really really doubt that’s the cause. And to be honest, a cross-platform OS that makes porting hard would be really badly designed. Of course if MS, Google or Apple are working on this, they’ll make sure to not alienate themselves their already huge app numbers.

To me it seems they spent all of their start-up bucks on making an actually good game, but completely forgot monetization at the beginning. That, plus I guess the lack of overall success they thought they’d get, is making their future really uncertain.

Start-up businesses can be really cut-throat, especially when previsions aren’t met and investors start pressuring the company (and remember they raised several millions). And I don’t think having “Dev at SEMC before it went bankrupt” is a very good thing to put on your resume.