Players of League on the forum - who's your favorite League champ, and your favorite Vainglory hero?

Curious to see if any of you play the same roles, or different ones, or how your playstyle maybe differs between the two games. (Not talking about mouse/keyboard vs touch).

Do you feel your favorites relate? Aesthetically are they any similar?

Include AoV if you play it, too.

I dunno, all my mains are really different … :gwenrainbowbarf:


Lmao I never even thought of AoV. Nice. I actually kinda wanna edit the original post to include it too

I have a feeling you might have a theme :thinking:

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oh my god i just love everyone cute in league
veigar, braum, ivern, rakan, amumu, jayce, maokai just bc meowkai and fiddlesticks r my faves
i don’t see anything common bc my fave heroes in vg are grumpy baptiste skaarf, and if you count mains i guess gwen? i just like using her bc shes ez tho not rly a favorite

the only thing my league n vg faves have in common is theyre mostly cute bar jayce and baptiste, i like baptiste’s design and jayce is :ok_hand:

Who do you main in league?
also, hi niv

League? Lol I used to main Ezreal, Lucian, Jayce, Kayne (more recently) and Graves (Before they changed him years ago).

phew, you arent a dirty assassin main like @PixelatedTrauma :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont main anything i play a bunch of everything (enchanters, tanks, fighters, mages (Taliyah is my fave), adcs like Jhin)

flashbacks to being trapped with the entire enemy team by taliyah wall

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if u say ew to talia, both irelia and koshka gave me a “u will never be safe around me” type of trauma with them dashing into the turret while im 3/4 health and kill me under turret and dash out before the turret deals heavy damage.

While doing all that alone… I cri and will always cri ;-;

i play mid so irelia hasnt been a problem. I got over koshkas with a few good games of destroying them with baptiste back in 3v3. Yasuo is aids because windwall and passive makes him stupidly immune to poke.

I was into LoL for a hot minute, but I was overwhelmed by the amount of work I needed to do to familiarize the game.

Anyway, while I was playing, I enjoyed that uglier looking version of Lorelai (with a tsunami ult)…

and that Churnwalker with Legendary talent + Krul’s aesthetics + Flicker’s lamp + Ardan’s ult guy.

Also that hawaiianly named(?) elder treant hero.
And Reza with a teddy bear.
And Soraka.

Well in League I mainly play Tryndamere, Jhin and Lux.
I used to play Ringo, Fortress and Blackfeather.
So I guess I usually go for high burst character with relative safety like being ranged or have sustainability.

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