Played Lorelai As A Hyper Carry

And holy shizzle was it satisfying. With all the talk about how she needs a buff, actually playing her carry vs captain side showed me she is extremely powerful in good hands. Lorelai does not need a buff. She’s way too powerful as a carry as it is.


Sidestep fishpond=dead Lorelai without damage left… She has a single damage skill… Sure she has AAs left and slows but what do you like about her?

So do Ringo Gwen Skye Malene Celeste Skaarf Samuel Baron Varya…


She stuns into dmg with her A and with her empowerment from pools, she does RIDICULOUS dmg early. You can snowball easily with her as long as you use both the big and small pools. On top of that the fact that her basics are crystal dmg means you don’t lose out on much building CP. Shecs destructive as hell on a dmg/cooldown build, no mortal wounds required. Just give her boots to handle defense and with her barrier she’s good to go.

That is assuming enemy lets you land your A. It is extremely obvious to see where she plays her A and you can avoid the area before being hit. All damage from her entire kit gone without a sweat…

If she wants to fight from her pools with empowered attacks you’d be a fool to engage… No army charges up a hill when the enemy has the highground.

She is a very stationary hero if you want empowered attacks.

Samuel is her superior by far. So are Skaarf Celeste and Kestrel for that role…

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It’s predictable but so is the enemy, hence in good hands, you’d set up pools for denial even if they don’t hit and wait out a dash or reposition before using it. Using your empowered from the background to assist a meleer or even with her barrier vwhen an enemy jumps on you is highly effective at mowing down health. Her dps is amazing when built.

When playing lorelai, just stay at back of your team.
Drop pool on the spot you in, use A to distrup their ganks. Use ult on yourself, so the pool drops again and basic enpowered attack them and when the pool is gone, use B again on yourself and stay at the edge of pool so you can escape in case.

Lorelai as carry is in safe hands as long as she is behind her team.

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In theory, lorelai can do gd dmg with her empowered basic attacks while in the pool.whenever I play her tho it doesn’t feel like she does that much dmg.

Build SG and an AC on her, then a BM or 2 SG’s. It makes her dmg pretty good and eve complements for sustain.

Ok so Lorelai has 6.2 range for her basic attack as her main dmg resource so she’s definitely not those types of mage who stay at the backline, her A before lv8 has a pathetic 7.5 range as her only dmg skill WHICH has seriously long delay AND long cooldown AND small AOE (not even as big as Lyra’s sigil or Active Camo) AND high energy consumption. Her playstyle force her to stationarily sit on a pool to have bonus CP BUT her pool will be consumed after she uses her A and she’ll lose both CP bonus and speed boost from B which left her into vulnerable position. And she basically drains half of her energy pool just to stun someone reliably (for not even half a second) and keep a pool for herself.
Now let’s compare her with other basic-attack-reliant mages like CP Lyra, Varya or Malene. They’re free to move around still does tons of dmg, Lyra/Malene can proc CW/SF wonderfully, have a bunch of CC than just a tick of stun. If someone messes up their position they have those dashes/blink/speed boost/invulnerability instantly with just a tap without having to stand on anything or sacrifice anything. With Lorelai if someone like Glaive/Lance/Ozo knocks her out of her pool she’s kinda dead (And her ult can’t be casted if she’s stunned even though it cleanes CC)
And let’s not compare Lorelai into Celeste/Skaarf/Samuel/CP Kestrel as they’ll zone her out of her pool, they can poke from far away with like 10+ range and constantly dropping nukes and fireballs and arrows on your head till ur dead, and heck Samuel or Kestrel even have more mobility / escapes than her while being a long-ranged mage


AC, DE, CW, BM. She gets 180 CP from her perk and she isn’t really bursty. So SG seems unnecessary. As long as she back lines, she can stack DE and get more out of it than a SG. CW or BM next based on enemy defenses. At the end of the day, she is outclassed by Lyra due to mobility and sustain. If we se e a real nerf for both Lyra and Malene, maybe we would see some more CP Lorelai.

Lyra also has to be stationary for double missle.

I would suggest you to learn how the long the pool last so you can use it effectively. Get clockwork, DE and ac and halcyeon chargers.

Anyways back to how long the pool last and once you roughly figure it out, use A before the pool is gone so you can maximise the pool’s advanatage. Then use A, the more the heros it stun, the cooldown shortens faster and and if the person stays on fish food or walk along the fish food. It lessens the cooldown too.

Use ult on yourself, people will be attacking you too so yeah… and the pool drop on the floor shortly. Maximise it, stun again. Your B should be available by then. Drop again.

If I am not wrong, your abilities cooldown gets lesser faster when you basic attack them on pool…

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You don’t get a DE because you want to do more damage quicker rather than over time. @Bayou


Even though her range seems short, it’s actually pretty far enough to work, and keeping the space between you and an enemy is made easier by her pools, even in basic range. As for her A, thats why you have clockwork and use your pools often. The AOE is enough when aimed properly. As for her sitting stationary, it’s fine. It really doesn’t hinder her especially since her pools allow her to juke effectively when you have boots. Her casting time is negligible and is a small weakness if you’re aware of the enemy and time your attacks properly.

DE is more useful for lorelai, you are relying on basic attack more than abilities.

You will want to do some serious damage when on pool. Having more damage when using A is useless, they can avoid it or walk away from it. But basic attack will continue to target them so DE is better

@TheInterpreter I think for most heroes SG over DE makes sense due to the 3.0 changes. I disagree on the SG vs DE for several reasons on Lorelai.

  1. Lorelai is a backliner with good range to stack a DE.
  2. Lorelai lacks burst damage due to only one skill having damage and relatively long cooldowns.
  3. Lorelai’s damage is single target. With 70% scaling and relatively long cooldowns, she needs to be patient. This playstyle lends itself to the very high damage potential of DE to win fights.
  4. Lorelai’s Ult makes her uniquely tanky allowing her to stack DE.
  5. Lorelai’s pools make sustained poke acheivable.

Here is a chart of SG vs DE for Lorelai’s AAs. At 11 seconds DE makes up for SG’s up front damage. I think against teams without very good enguage, you can poke for 4s, Ult for 4s, and fountain covers 3s. The early damage potential in team fights is often against Roams and I would view it as less consequential than mid fight and late fight damage numbers.

I do think if the enemy has a Fortress or Lyra who can quickly force team enguages a SG is better.

Edit: Better Chart.

Let’s take Lorelai’s 70% base CP scale on AAs, assume she AA once per second, and every other second she will get a proc from AC of 70%. Here is how SG vs DE fair.

Stacks CP Scale SG DE
0 0.7 105 59.5
1 1.4 315 195.3
2 0.7 420 271.6
3 1.4 630 441
4 0.7 735 534.1
5 1.4 945 737.1
6 0.7 1050 847
7 1.4 1260 1083.6
8 0.7 1365 1210.3
9 1.4 1575 1480.5
10 0.7 1680 1624
11 1.4 1890 1927.8
12 0.7 1995 2088.1
13 1.4 2205 2425.5
14 0.7 2310 2602.6
15 1.4 2520 2973.6
16 0.7 2625 3167.5
17 1.4 2835 3572.1
18 0.7 2940 3782.8
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That’s all true but that’s assuming you’re in a support role snd constantly backlining. As a carry, you want to do dmg immediately, and the most possible. You do more dmg faster with an SG. I’d say de is better on a support lorelai if anything.

11 seconds attacking is quite a long time for a squishy hero like lorelai. :slight_smile:

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This just shows us that it takes 11 seconds for her to come online with DE vs SG…

You may have just proven the opposite…

Not only her, right now SG is a lot better choice for many heroes and in many situation. Even for a tanky frontline hero 11 seconds constantly attacking is too much. Most fights are either hard commit and thus ending in just a moment or engage/disengage = losing stacks, hard to keep high number. Not to mention that you will have a lot more power in pokes and short engages during the game when not in a team fight.

DE was just too strong back in the day, but right now it’s nerfed too much to make it the better choice. Maybe a pro player with a team and voice comm can make it more useful, but for soloq yolo… nah.


Burst fools and shred objectives, nuff said.