Play next button where is it?


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So it’s kinda surprising how no one is talking about this.
(or did I miss a thread?)
Firstly, WHY would the button be removed? Is there a specific reason mentioned in the patch notes or something?

With all the op chat bugs going on rn, the play next button would’ve been the most convenient way to get invited to a party.

The thing is, (and this has happened to me 100% of the time) if you play one match while in a party, after the match is over, your direct messages won’t work. The only thing that works is the party chat. You can’t send messages to anyone nor receive messages from anyone except the party members.

So it’s like, suppose 3 of your friends are in a match, you see them playing 5v5, you realize there isn’t a play next button and decide to wait till they finish. You see the red dot next to their names in the friends list and stare at it for like 5 mins before it turns yellow.
Yay they finally finished the match. You send “hey invite me!! ^^” to one of them. No response.
You then realize that the chat is bugged, they are probably talking about the match that just happened, and they have no idea that you want to play, so they either go offline, or just queue into another game. And trust me, that is annoying AF.

Basically, any of this wouldn’t have happened if they had got a small little sign from you which said that you wanted to play with them.

Oh hey that’s what the play next button did.

Tl;dr- #bringbackplaynexx
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Is this the right section/subforum?


I think it’s the right place for this sort of discussion, but it could certainly fit in other categories as well.

I agree with your post – I don’t know why the “Play Next” button was removed, and it’s a fail from a user-friendliness standpoint. I’m sure it’s gone for technical reasons – perhaps because they couldn’t make it work with some people having access to 5v5 and some not – but idk for sure.


New UI update didn’t have time to put it in. Expect it with 3.0 or 3.1.


Well that reason actually makes sense, hopefully it’s back by 3.0, because rn it’s near impossible to get invited without having to restart multiple times and then try sending messages and hoping they actually receive it and then praying that the guys in party didn’t already start another game.


Also, I think notification is broken, I hear notification sounds, but no notification is visible, same with chat


It’s even worse when party invites are failing a lot during the most recent patch. I can never tell if someone is AFK or if they’re bugging out when they don’t accept the party invite.


It’s for superiority purpose
When ppl got 5v5 golden ticket, then they’ll play 5v5 instead of 3v3
Smec never allowed someone in 5v5 inviting their friend who can’t play in 3v3
So, smec delet that button, leaving who just can play 3v3 left out by their friends


But then what about the people who CAN play 5v5 and have the golden ticket?
Even they don’t get invited…?
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He’s theorizing that the reason the button is gone is because SEMC is preventing a non ticket from playing next with a ticket holder (I think). If the holder were to start a 5v5 party and invite a non ticket via play next, he thinks it would allow a non golden ticket holder to play a 5v5.

The theory however, falls flat. It was already proved in another post that if a party with a non golden ticket member joined the queue, it would deny the access to 5v5. The queue would not let the team start. Because of this, VG would have no reason to block the button, as it has no effect on the joining of the queue.I still believe this is a big/unfinished feature in the new UI.:


@Airalin they decided to make it simple, instead of adding new code to differentiate it, they just delet it. It’ll fixed in 3.0 anw, they’re just put back the code that they used before this golden ticket patch. There will be no reason to prevent everyone inviting their friends, since 5v5 is for everyone to play already.
Idk but that is what on my mind rn.


Yes, this is the reason it hasn’t been included. The functionality is there, but they didn’t have time to code the restriction between people who have early access to 5v5. It will return in 3.0 when 5v5 goes public as then everyone will have access to that mode.


Well I sure AF hope it’s back by 3.0 because this just happened.