Pixelated trash



Why no face?

C h a r a c t e r s

Is that Baptist or the Nutcracker? Lmfao…

But I want Lyra Vox and Samuel in that pixelated image.

I love adagios fire.
But where. IS. CELESTE.

It is the nutcracker because the nutcracker is white and Baptiste is black…

diz is trazh so no face
30 30 30

Made a white Baptiste and then scribbled in black to change his skin color. What the hell, yo.

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Um, yeah, I agree. I really like your pixel heroes, but scribbling over his face to make him black is pretty lame. Can you edit your post please @Twip?

Bald Adagio is disturbing… 30303030

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Nono that’s not trash. Pixilated trash would be if you had done SAW.

That’s a strange way to spell Reza but hey.

I want a pixle series of skins heros are all in 2d pixels

We can work together to make a fan made vainglory pixelated fighting game xd @DIMTI


But it’ll crash and burn like the other one tho

Sh no we will work with everyone. Also I can dynamically change the size of an array now In C atleast I’m getting better .-.


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What the living heck, what kind of dark magic did you use to post this?

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Not telling u sorry this is classified information

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Not that I asked you, but fine if you don’t want that shirt I’ll buy it for someone else


I’m kidding, I’m not that mean

Magicians never reveal their secrets sorry fam

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