Pinging Conundrum

I hope this is in the right spot. I apologize if I have it wrong. I’m putting it in UI because pings and negative thumbs are a part of the UI and my issues are applicable in any modes.

I have two questions… at the moment. Lol

First: wondering if there is anyway to know why you get down thumbed? Im using the Android version. Now, I know I make plenty of mistakes, but want to improve and would appreciate knowing what I did wrong. Solo q or casual tends to be a bit stark getting pinged at or down thumbing and not knowing why.

Second: I feel like I have learned one dialect of pings. And although I work hard to keep pings to a minimum, if I do ping I am misunderstood, or visa versa, party member pings and I misunderstand… it seems very much like a “common sense system” where common equals one’s subject take, rather than a universally standardized understanding. Is there a new new Websters ping dictionary out there?

I wouldn’t necessarily go by thumbs up or down. People have different playing styles and some down vote as a projection of their own performance.

I think the best thing to do is rewatch your matches and try to figure out what you could improve on being it mechanics, positioning, counter build, team fighting, etc. Also if there is a player that stood out, you can watch what they did and emulate things they did.

I also recommend reading some of the theories from sites like broken myth or watch some streamers like Excoundrel and FlashX’s professional guide to solo queue.

Those would be good jumping off point to hone you own play style.


Only way you’ll find that out is if you get banished to Low Priority Queue or banned.

Most pings are used sarcastically in my experience.

Thumbs up when a teammate dies.
The jungler will ping “OK” when he dives into a 1v3 and expects the roam to save his life.
We need vision when the carry is overextended or standing next to the jungle and gets deleted.

I wouldn’t worry about pings too much - the ones to watch for are the green and white target pings, your team may want to go after an objective. A caution ping usually means enemy in the brush. Most pings are useless.


:laughing: … sorry, had to laugh.

even if there was, i’m pretty sure it won’t become common knowledge, because it won’t get read.

but I’ll try to impart some of my understanding of pings.

Use the :vg_caution: ping to warn of a possible gank. Mainly if you spotted the enemy but your teammate might of just came and not seen them hiding. you ping the spot you think the enemy is at.

:vg_go: if you want the team to meet at that point or just to point at a enemy to focus down. ping directly on top of the enemy or the area you want the fight to be at.

:vg_groupup: is kinda similar to :vg_go: but more for objectives and grouping up. ping directly at the meeting point.

:vg_omw: retreat ping is timed at the exact moment you think your teammate is going to get outnumbered. Ping directly in the area of combat. and then the area to retreat to.

Roams should really pay attention to " I need help " pings.

and those are really the only pings I use.

on a personal note: if you happen to see random pings from me, it’s probably a miss tap. still getting used to this new tablet i bought.:sweat:


Thank you. I guess I had figured, that with the choice on my side for why I vote a person up or down, i could see why they voted me neither way.

These are great suggestions, I will continue reading and watching everything I can. Have barely touched FlashX’s videos.I try to watch as much live or archived play as I can, but that isn’t as often. Will admit that getting to play against higher tiers in the casual 5v5 has been great for me… In a learning sense. But me being matched against a VG player is probably pretty funny to watch from the outside.

I was hoping there was a setting or something I have been missing that could activate the feedback. But I’ll definitely hang onto the clear pings like your saying, streamline my own stuff even more. I find the caution ping to be one of the most confusing, as to what other players are trying to say. I have tried to use the cheers ping when teammates are making good plays, but have this feeling it’s not being received well. Oh well. KISS…right?

Hahaha, you would be in good company with me.

I think you may have just started the dictionary right here. This makes good sense to me. But sadly, I think you’re right about whether or not people would read it. When I’m in a party with my kids, I have really had to work with them on what they mean or are trying to say with the pings… This whole, “I don’t thing this means what you think it means,” conversation. And most definitely don’t spam it. Hahaha.

If you don’t mind, I’ll pass this along to my guild as a standard for all of us at least. Ive been trying to get them all on Discord, but there seems to be a lot accuracy to comparing a guild/team to a herd of cats.

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