Ping System Revamp

I believe the pings could use some updating:

The menu list is long. ‘Stick together’ and ‘Let’s teamfight’ to me are the same. Pick one, remove the other. I don’t think ‘Sorry, my bad.’ is necessary either. The sad emoji works for that just fine. I would also love that if you ping an enemy hero, similar to how your hero’s face and the emoji shows up on your teammates’ screen, when you ping an enemey hero, something like “focus [image of ringo’s face]” shows up on your teammates’ screen. That way they know it’s not a trolling ping, in-case their camera isn’t in the same spot.

You save two spaces on the drop down menu, and the pings get more meaning. (green could signify focus, caution could signify don’t focus or stay away from…)


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I don’t know… I like the more specific pings. I’m not sure what you mean exactly by those two pings meaning the same thing?

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Lol the ping system needed a revamp since forever. It’s not a priority it seems, however good pings can make a big difference in gameplay. I still get aggravated when trying to explain to a teamate that an enemy is heading to their lane. Or trying to tell a captain I’m fine and to help someone else. But that all pales in comparison to not being able to tell people to hold on for a damn second so we can push as a team, or telling a teamate to target an enemy. Like can we have an actual common sense ping system? I can see what we have working better already if they just added text that made sense in the context of the game. Our pings are so generic and somewhat irrelevant to the actual combat. Like it would be awesome to be able to ping a whole area, like a specific jungle camp, a specific river direction, a specific section between turrets, and warn an ally that the enemy could be anywhere there. It’s so annoying to see two enemies setting up a turret push and warn an ally that theres danger at their turret and in the river/jungle near it, just to watch an ally dash over to that turret and the enemy going to help their ally gets vision on them and boom, other enemy comes over, 2v1, ally dead, turret gets taken anyway. Stuff like that is common sense, that we should be able to ping warnings for a whole area at once rather than pinging all over the place to signify danger everywhere.

My example was that I feel “stick together” and ‘let’s teamfight’ to me are the same. I feel you only need one.

I do get what you are trying to say here. But stick together can be used in multiple places. For example stick together can be used to tell an ally to stay with the team and not try something risky. This may or may not lead to a team fight.


Fair enough. My reasoning behind this post is that I often mislick and select the wrong message, as the drop down menu is a bit extensive, making a smaller font, and thus easier to misclick. At the very least, those two could be closer togoether so if you misclick, you’re saying something similar.

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