Phew, no wonder this was intense


We were lucky that Reim decided to support us rather than be just another carry (cause let’s be honest, he is terrible into the heroes on the enemy team).

Of course, I abused Skye’s Legendary Talent, hehe. How did you all think I got so much farm under my belt? :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, this match was kind of back and forth. The enemy team was really good (duh, their ranks reflect that, lol) and pushed hard when they could get a pick. Got to our last turret but Gwen danced around and delayed their win just enough for me to respawn and fight back.

It was honestly hard getting into each others bases when me or the enemy Kestrel spammed Forward Barrage and Active Camo traps respectively down the choke at the bases entrance.

GG to the enemy for putting up a great fight and my team for carrying me too!

#MatchMakerShenanigans #IWasTier6Bronze #ButMyBlitzRankIs2305


Another two intense fights won through skill and abusive Talents, lol.

Also, matchmaker oh matchmaker, why do you this, oh matchmaker.


That’s brawls though. Talents change the matches so much. But at the same time this is balanced match-up according to the match maker:

Even if you add up the points it’s not balanced. Realistically even less so. Had a few more like this one just today though not as bad. This one is just ridiculous.