PewDiePie play VainGlory in 2015 with his fans

whooaaaa in 2015 pewdiepie play vainglory with his fans. iam just loving seeing this while laughing and enjoyed while watching <3

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Yeah it was a sponsored stream nothing to get too excited about


nice seeing that Rona was the new hero of the time and looking back at how many have been released since

No way , are you saying pewdiepie was acting , no way

At that time I’ve seen vainglory sponsoring youtubers and I actually heard about it but not from pewdiepie , that’s why vainglory was popular that time , I think they won’t do it again because other mobile Moba did in a short time what vainglory couldn’t do in a long time, no competition .

The stream in question is nearly four years old, and the fact that he never played the game on stream again is pretty telling.

I am NOT a fan of PewDiePie, and he’s not anyone I’d like to promote here, so I see absolutely no point in continuing this topic.