Petition to change SEMC TO STMC?

Super Troll Mega Corp? Anyone?

Recolours? Hats? Cheap contender skin. Now guns? What’s next? Boots? Eyelashes?


Next cosmetic changes will be hairstyles.

While Aov has different taunts, recalls, and borders.

Looking at this from a consumer side of things, I would spend money on the more rewarding game. :sneezing_face:

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They’ll release underwear next. They wont do boots and eyelashes cos they’d be somehow visible.

Semc needs to learn to capitalize without being cheap in any form, because they have a quality product at its core and people expect that quality from it no matter what. That is all.


After that, we’ll have rings :slight_smile:

coming up, underwear: you can’t see it, but It’s there.


I gave it a chance, but nothing remotely resembling constructive criticism or useful content has been posted in this thread, so it’s been moved.

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