Petal Update

So far, not a fan of the change to her ult. I have to click on her Ult, then select someone for her munions to attack. By that time, I am either nearly dead, or the enemy has moved away from them and they aren’t fast enough.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Her ult went from being a tickle machine with the occasional threatening badaboom when you had high DE stacks, to a skillshot that’s like impossible to hit anyone who isn’t standing still. Change for the better? I doubt.


“It’s called a skillshot, you should try it sometime.”


So you are saying now you actually have to target like most characters how dare they

I like it. It’s a pretty easy skillshot and it’s much more reliable and versatile than previously.

The only thing left desired is munions won’t keep chasing if you ult while chasing an enemy.