Petal-sama Fanclub!

Welcome to the homepage of the fan club of our great Earth Mother

I am Pigstuffs, co-founder of this Fanclub/cult and i will be taking your clouded mind and enlightening it.

I have a few things i would like to make clear before you comment, however:
There is no shame in saying that you enjoy Petal. Anyone who says otherwise is dead wrong.

We look on the bright side of life, as does our great Sunshine Bringer. So please, keep the insults as jokes (if you even feel the need for insults smh).

Live life, love Petal.

Watashi wa Petaru ga suki desu!!

Here we have our beautiful advertisement written by my co-founder, BORB.

Sacrifice your worthless self to Petal whom we, her loyal subordinates call the Earth Mother, at once, or you shall pay. You will be tortured in the pits of Hell forever and watch your friends and family continously burn in a fire while anything you try to do to save them fails. Your tears will only accumulate which would result in you drowning yourself and your soul would be lost in the grand ocean until you have to experience it again and again repeatedly. Of course, this is what happens when you don’t sacrifice yourself. If you do however, you’d be forced to worship Petal and become an active member of our cult your whole lifetime after the resurrection. Both are great options so it doesn’t matter to us what you choose! Your only requirements of being in our “Petal-sama Fanclub!” are to worship her daily through a prayer, stop affiliating with your current religion, meet up every day at midnight at the cemetary for chanting, never wear purple, and like this post!

The do’s and don’t’s:

The Do’s
  • play Petal both wp and cp
  • play Petal both lane and jungle
  • playing captain Peal is optional
  • playing Flicker is okay as long as it is not too much
  • Petal is the only acceptable hero to instalock
  • quote Petal voicelines, even when not playing the game
    we reserve the right to edit, change, add or delete any rules
The Don’ts
  • play Flicker a lot
  • instalock any other hero
  • not have any Petal skin
  • don’t ever say i hate Petal
  • call yourself a Petal main until you have played all of Petal’s roles and styles
    we reserve the right to edit, change, add or delete any rules

Now down here we have an art gallery, some quotes from the great Petal herself and some tips to playing Petal.

The Only TRUE Art



I’m not small, I’m just sitting down!

  • here we see that Petal is more than meets the eye, and i more powerful than we know. we must get funds to research her past to a greater extent.

From Earth we sprout, for Earth we fight!

  • Here we see how Petal is a guardian for the Earth and those that accept her as the Higher Being

Watch shadows melt in sunlight!

  • here we see how she is an enemy to that which is dark, a Saviour of the Light and does 200% against Samuel
Tips and Tricks

Energy and cooldown items are not as nesscessary (rip autocorrect) as on other cp chracters.
When running away plant seeds to knock back enemies.
When playing weapon petal get Bramblethorn Seeds first, and try and keep 3 munions at all times.
Try and use your ult while empowered to get extra healing.
Pray to the SEMC and the RNG to get Petal skin blueprints

_if anyone would wish to join please message some of our members. You do not need to be a member to submit art or tips

Here we have a list of our growing (get it?) population of members:


@moderator$ please delete this post.


@Airalin Reported for daring to joke about our lord and saviour Patel

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Whye D:<

It is a peaceful place for people to talk about petal and adore her gloriousness. It is going to grow in the morning when borb is awake so we can discuss further.

anymods out there is there a way to make it so members of our great Earth Mother’s fanclub can edit the op?

petal petal petal patel petal petal


Do you wish to join the cult fanclub?

Pateto is hear


30 charcters for my post


yes yes me wan join yay petal fancultclub

@HipsterSkaarf use your hipster spitfires to burn this club down

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thank you for this stunning addition to a our art gallery. do you wish to join the club?

Watashi wa Petaru ga suki desu!!

i dont wanna go through the trouble of writing this in kana so have a lazier version of me saying “I like Petal!”
(also no i dont like petal, she terrorized the lower tiers and me during the winter season)

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why do some people dislike petal more than other heroes such as reza, skye or churnwalker? what makes petal the devil incarnate in some peoples opininons. also updated the quotes with meanings.

yay pets!

i love it when i get her in br…
her rare is brutal

yay pets!

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thank you guys for coming to our meeting yesterday i really appreciate it. remmebr to work on your advertising skills and petal artworks.

I expect all of you to join team Petal for the upcoming event

I was a petal non-believer… until i read this thread.

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Once i started worshipping petal sama, she has been endlessly blessing me with her holy essence. All hail petal


it says i cannot tag 10 people in teh op so more members are here:

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Sorry I’m late, we shall show Anshu and Airalin Petal’s glory.

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