Perfected for touch


i was reading vainglory reddit and found krul’ response to a guy posted (perfected for touch) comment .

i think its ok to release a pc version and its actually a good decision , but you cant say we werent only mobile games company , vainglory label was perfected for touch and i can recall everything playoffbeard said in all events or streams , he said a lot of times that semc goal is to bring the quality of mobas from pc to mobile because mobile players deserve better !

like dont tell me mobile gaming wasnt your only focus ! , you can just say that you guys changed and looking to the big picture .


That’s what PlayOffBeard says,he’s not here anymore.

(But I personally want to believe that’s actually his true reason for leaving and not coming back,but it’s just a speculation)


Ok so I went to Reddit and saw the page for myself,and pretty much everyone in the comments were happy with this PC port…

Am I dumb to feel offended and disappointed by this…?


Because VG was mobile only. He’s right you can not call them mobile gamers only as so many of them come from PC gaming and LoL. Nobody was ever hiding that and it was mentioned many times. I don’t get why people are offended by that at the slightest some even leaving for that. This is honestly bullshit. If it goes on PC as well it does not mean it’s not perfected for touch. Change my mind. And no I am not SEMC lover. In fact I don’t even enjoy the game recently and it’s glitchy as hell. But that doesn’t mean anyone can argue it’s mobile controls are bad because they’re not. My point was even if they aren’t mobile gamers only they were developing a mobile game. Of course they won’t talk about PC if it isn’t featured in their product. But seriously people who quit VG because they added joystick and PC version honestly piss me off more than my in-game screen freezes. I’m not talking about you or someone else here. People I saw saying that they’re quitting because VG is not unique anymore were in YouTube comments. Matter of fact it’s even more unique now as the only crossplatform MOBA.


Uh why are you offended dude? Do you not want vg to grow? Seriously, pleasing a fan base is such a chore these days -_-


Bruv i know Right. Its stupid how vg wants to grow sp they try to appeal to a wider audience and they put vg up in this pedestal of “uniqueness” but ohh god forbid they do something to please a wider audience or they well quit cause its a “sellout” or “not unique anynore” -_-


It’s just me,played the game for a very long time and the whole "perfected for touch"image of VG kinda got to me.

But yeah,I can see what you mean.I’m just being salty…


At least for me, the concern is that they’ve not shown they’re able to maintain the code base as it is – and they’ve now expanded that code base significantly by adding two more platforms …

It’s not that I don’t want desktop versions of VG, it’s just that I’d prefer that they fix their shit address the numerous longstanding bugs in the game first …


How does that change it? Are your touch controls worse now? Are you affected in any way? Is it not still perfected for touch? What is there to be salty about? I understand people having other concerns about it but the touch not being “perfected for touch” is just ridiculous. It’s like someone is good at something and decides to do something else ADDITIONALLY and everyone goes mad.


Please notice what I said about playoff beard , there was even discussions in the old forums about other platforms dying and mobile rising , that was semc vision , to take over the mobile Moba because they thought it’s the future , playoffbeard used to say mobile players deserve better , because they thought the touch control and evil engine is the perfect way to play Moba in the mobile , and they pushed everything towards this direction by focusing the esports .

They changed because they realized things not that easy , they added joysticks and light pc version with Samsung , now they are doing the full pc version , they changed and its natural , it’s ok .

What made me make this thread is krul denied all that and said they weren’t focusing mobile games only , I don’t know why he said that , it was very clear they were focusing mobile games only.


The simple truth of it is: Yes, this has a negative impact on touch-controls.

As long as there was only one control scheme, the entire development was focused around it. From design to execution to testing to iteration, it was all “touch controls this, touch controls that” - because it was the only option.
Now, they have to go: “Oh, will this work in joystick mode? And how about keyboard and mouse?”
That is development focus. It requires maintaining additional code. That takes time out of staff that needs to be paid. Meanwhile, those of us who enjoyed lore got shafted when SugarVenom’s hours were minimized, and those of us who enjoyed game balance have to make do without Nivmett now.

This sort of decision has a profound effect on everyone playing the game, and the ironic part is: The game is less than it could be for the new audience, too, due to all the concessions that have to be made. And they’re going to notice.


First of all Playoffbeard isn’t in SEMC anymore. Also even if he and everyone else believe the future is mobile I also remember them saying they want to bring PC experience on mobile. Isn’t this EXACTLY that? If mobile is playing with PC on the same level, same game isn’t that what you said “better”? What better way to improve mobile than to put in crossplatform with the main esport device.

They were focusing on mobile games only because they only had a mobile game… lol Now when they upgraded to the next level how is that affecting you? Yes PC might have an advantage but if anything SEMC is to be trusted it’s controls (and splash arts). Everyone was like dude joystick so bad this game dead it’s not unique and what not. SEMC made the BEST joystick controls on mobile and that doesn’t affect you in the slightest. If one has advantage over others it would be fixed. And that’s the ONLY downside PC has over you. That’s potentially, not necessarily the case. Being able to play and compete against PC players from mobile device is exactly what they stand for and that is making mobile on the same level as other platforms.


SEMC themselves stated that from all heroes (40 I think not sure) the only hero that had problems with the joystick was Churnwalker. So no they usually do not go like “will this work on joystick”. And tell me is joystick bad now? Tell me another game that has better joystick controls. How is touch affected? Do you get beaten by joystick people? Do you get “joystick noobs” that lose you games as was believed before they were released? Do heroes get balanced around the joystick?
I don’t get how everyone wants all the benefits of something without the downsides. So people hated joystick which could bring new players. Everyone hates the PC now. You people wanted ads, SEMC made ad with Apple, the response again negative. At the same time though everyone still wants faster queue times AND more balanced games. What the hell? How is that possible? Everyone is so unwelcome to things that can bring new players, the game itself is and the attitude towards improvements isn’t helping it. Yet everyone wants big player base. How and in what world is that possible? On top of all that the things that could potentially expand VG do not even affect the current players but they still complain about everything. I just don’t get this.


I am looking at it from another angle, as of now if you go bigger screen, you have downsides because of finger travel time, etc. Imagine the 22, 24, 28-inch monitors without any handicap, on the contrary - when polished the mouse+keyboard will be better for some heroes. So, you will have super BIG picture, making it easy to target the desired player in team fights, to orientate easier, to CS easier, to target as a roam the ally player correctly without missing, to use items more on time as you will have bigger HP bars for your team. Can go on, most likely PC players of similar level will dominate and to compete one will be pushed towards using his PC.


Maybe he is talking more of his point of view and the other developers in SEMC than the PR thing? Could explain a lot as a lot of the SEMC employers are with PC/console gaming background.


Sorry man. You asked what sort of impact this kind of decision has. I told you what kind of impact it has on a development level, and what the consequences for the community are.
You can ignore that, or accept that the attempt to diversify and expand with limited resources is going to necessitate some nasty compromises.

That has nothing to do with being overly negative. That’s just the way it is.

Where I’m being pessimistic is the outcome of all this. If I were to be proven wrong, all the better. I’ll take droves of new players to rejuvinate the community and secure SEMC’s bottom line any day.
If those droves don’t come, however, SEMC is still stuck with two new platforms to support and a more complicated code to maintain.


Yeah, this is a good point. Not just “it’s not mobile only so it’s not unique therefore it’s bad”. But I addressed that. Yes it might be a thing but I don’t think it would be for long. SEMC would find a way to make it balanced as they did with joystick. Also touch has advantages over PC. How do you even stutterstep with SAW, Ringo and Rona on PC? You’re right it might be a problem but I believe it won’t be or at least not for more than patch or 2.


And you can ignore that the community and especially forums (I don’t use others much or at all usually so can’t tell about that) are overly negative about literally everything SEMC announce. People were ready to attack SEMC’s HQ asking them to make ads, when they do the result is still negative feedback from community. There is nothing that can be done and not be taken as a bad thing by VG’s community. People were crying about how joystick would completely change and ruin the game. Now who even remembers it. Nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. But at the same time absolutely no one goes back to accept that they’ve been wrong.


Wait what. You can stutter step as SAW?


If they add the option for wasd movement, you could stutter step. We will see, I am neutral for now.