People giving up

I’m so tired of people giving up and/or trolling so easily. On top of that they turn around and blame everyone else instead of looking at their own mistakes or seeing how they can improve their build.
Ok we lost 2 turrets, fine, but it’s not the end. Some heroes have a stronger early game others have a stronger late game…do people not understand this??? Do people not know that comebacks exist? The very least they’d could do is try or just AFK instead of spamming pings.

Also pinging “we need vision” at your roamer when your roamer is already buying vision isn’t gonna help when the problem is that you get bursted down in 3 seconds.
-A pissed off captain


You can’t let the vision pings get to you. Just double-tap the cam icon and let them know that you’re out of charges. Unless you should be buying a Superscout against stealth heroes, there’s not much else you can do.

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Or mute em. Extra headache averted.


Well this was 3vs3 so cant really do that :confused:

When playing solo, I mute teammates at the first ridiculous or toxic ping. It helps.


Superscout is always needed. No superscout=bad captain…

Superscout is a core captain item along with fountain…


Contraption works about the same.

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you could saltily reccomend them contraption and watch tehm put mines in your base

that keeps them out of the fight so that they don’t get the enemies aces and you can start building someoffence if you are grace or lance or flickwer or someone and go wina 2v3

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Superscout is really great, I agree. I wouldn’t say it’s always needed though. And I defo wouldn’t call a captain bad for not having it… Basically, it depends on what your team wants to do.

Vision is useful in a macro sense because you can use the map information to poach camps and out-resource/split-push the enemy team. It’s also good defensively to help avoid ganks. But if your team isn’t going to invade or rotate opportunistically to apply pressure, and the enemy team is playing the lane game too, then Superscout is largely wasted. I think your money would be better spent on an early offensive item, honestly, like a weapon blade or stormguard banner so you can apply more pressure Maybe even upgrade these to tension bow or stormcrown. If you apply pressure, the enemy will have to deal with you, negating your need for vision (other than a couple warning cams) because you’ll know where they are. If you’re not applying pressure, the enemy can saunter any old place, and you won’t know where they are, which is when you need the vision. But then, if you’re not applying pressure, what do you really need the vision for? Just keep playing defensively.

I can see where Superscout is core like Fountain in an invade meta, with coordinated teams and a public player pool that’s on the same page, which is sort of where high-tier is at right now, but I’m not sure it’s always needed quite yet. Definitely not across the tiers.


I once came back with having literally no turrets left against enemies having 9 remaining. We stole ghostwing, won a teamfight, aced and ended. 30 mins+ literally anything can happen, people need to understand that.


Then whenever they misplayed 3 times in a row or trolled me, I reported them. Worked everytime.

Most people don’t understand 5v5: It isn’t 3v3. People should get that through their heads.

Vainglory needs to have a mini article in their app…


You can’t do much about people giving up, or not using vision. Unfortunately the problem stems from their understanding of the game, as well as their psychology. Also, most players want to push for kills instead of actually play team roles at a lot of tiers. That’s just the way it is, and why partying is near essential in this game.

Played 3v3 last night vs flicker, my roam bought a few mines (fair play), but decided stormcrown rather than contraception was the best build path, obviously he wasn’t helped by the no defence Ringo but come on man “we need vision” was totally applicable as we’re getting ganked constantly.


Going to disagree Hipster, if nothing else it provides you with a huge amount of health (500 I think), additional cams and flares it’s almost too good to be true for the majority of the captains (Ardan,Lyra etc).

Even if you’re tucking up defensively laying down vision is going to prevent your carries getting ganked and protect your jungle from invades. It’s also incredible useful late game when the map has been opened up and war of fog is more prevalent.

I’m not going to go as far and say your a bad captain if you don’t have it (each to there own), but I’m always happier when I see my captain building towards it since it has few downsides IMO.

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Very true, playing for their KDA over objectives whilst thinking they’re pro… winning is what matters not how many times you killed that crappy laner.

The damn thing is essentially Contraption in 3v3. It’s good to buy it but it should be quickest a 4th buy or later.

It’s actually stronger than a contraption (flares and cams) and has larger HP buff which is essential to a lot of roam (a lot of abilites scale based on health) abilites.

If I were playing Ardan, Lyra, Phinn etc it’s almost illogical not to have this as one of your early items given the extent of the utility it offers. Roams used to rush a FoR but everyone has a pot now, and I argue that the ability to not only lay down vision but also to remove enemy vision (flaring bushes etc) is immensely powerful in the early stages of a game.

I can’t see a down side to this item, I’d say it makes up a holy triology of items for most captains and I’d be a little disappointed if my captain neglected it in game given the massive cooldowns on vision.

I personally look to rush this (game dependent) as vision is just so damn important in snap of this size.

Those are all really good points, and I definitely can’t disagree with you there. :vgcheersx3: And I’ll admit that, if I haven’t rushed it, Superscout is usually the first thing I look to buy when I’m feeling like my team is getting behind. I guess my point was that it will depend on your team’s capabilities, and the kind of strategy it looks like your teammates are willing to employ.

I’m playing my games at around T7, for what it’s worth. Invades are rare, and “vision through forcing enemy presence (i.e., get some early offense)” feels legit. Vision’s great for snowballing, but absent teammates trying to help with that, some early offense accomplishes the same thing. Higher than T7 though, and I’d definitely start to prioritize Superscout more and more. I meant to imply that earlier, but didn’t do a great job of it.

Not sure if im even doing the right thing (got to T9.2 this patch), guess we’ll find out when the pros start playing competitively.

But from my own personal perspective I feel map awareness is even more important in 5v5. Supercam synergises well with roams whose perks are HP reliant but as I alluded to earlier you can’t discount the added benefit of being able to remove enemy vision from the map by flaring bushes early and laying dow your own.

Nothing worse as a midlane for instance than having no vision in the bushes either side of you… same goes for side lanes as it enables them to over extend knowing that there’s vision in place to avoid gank.

But you’ve also got valid points, I think roams are going to be more hybrid in nature now, theyll need to offer some offensive capabilities so nothing wrong with an early WP/CP item.