Pc & vg omg

Sooo I’ve not seen a single thread about the PC link to VG (admittedly I’ve hardly played a game or visited the forum in three weeks.

What are people’s thoughts?

Does it mean my brand spanking new gaming PC might have been a good purchase (oohhh I’ve spent a fortune building it).?

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There have been a few threads but I’m not gonna lie I expected more too. About the VG on PC, I can’t say anything. It just doesn’t open. I’ll have to wait for more stable or working version I guess. But from what I’ve heard the performance is really good. Fps is high and stable and latency is low. The problem for now is that it’s not optimized yet. I mean the controls and I’ve also heard you can’t double click shop. But I guess this will be fixed pretty fast considering how fast they worked on joystick and also I don’t think they need to wait an update to update their PC version.


I wouldn’t expect the FPS to be an issue giving most gaming pcs have dedicated graphics cards but even for those without them I’d imagine modern integrated chips would cope.

I noticed dnzio playing and he mentioned saving to use the right mouse button to basic attack. Seemed to suggest most people left click (which is true) so it takes some getting used too. Guess options for keys and configuration is required (assuming it isn’t already).

If this works I can see the game really taking off, especially since it’ll be touch and pc optimised with cross platform capability. It’ll open the game up to all those pc gamers whilst retaining its existing player base, no other game offers this kind of platform.

Just need to fix some of the glaring toxicity and match maker problems and I think I’ll change my mind about devoting time to the game( hardly played in 3-4 weeks).

It’s pretty awesome, tbh! The mouse controls are kind of wonky, though – right clicking to target an ability, left clicking to basic attack is NOT intuitive. I hear they’re going to allow you to remap those, though.

It LOOKS great (and the field of view is amazing), and the sound is just spectacular on my Mackie near field monitors. I’m getting high frame rates on my GeForce GTX 1080 with no graphics glitches.

Pretty great for an alpha, tbqh.


Yeah that’s exactly what I said before. I’m not saying nothing can possibly go wrong but there is no other PC or mobile MOBA to have crossplatform and that’s huge.

My new 1080 FTW2 should chew this up… :slight_smile: over clocked it to 2.1 GHZ (slight brag).

Might try it when the other half goes to bed. If they nail this I can see the game taking off with huge growth potential.

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100% agree, it’s not like league could suddenly launch a touch game for mobile, took semc years to perfect.

Could definitely lead to huge growth potential. Pretty savy move on SEMCs part.

Actually I also noticed that. Isn’t this a huge advantage over the mobile players tho? Not only you get bigget and easier targets to be hard to misclick even in team fights, but you also get a lot more info whats happening around you… this is serious from fairness stand point.

Agreed. I don’t know how they’re going to address it. League has the same issue – I can play with a much bigger FoV than someone with a normal monitor, for example. Riot don’t seem to think it’s a big deal, though.

As a counter-example, Overwatch doesn’t support ultrawide monitors because they feel it would give players with those monitors an unfair advantage.

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In vg would be a lot worse as the fov(and screen size) diff is huge. It’s advantage combined with the bumped view distance. I can see from far away approaching enemys or visual clues on taking jungle monsters for example. Can find a lot of not fair ways. No addressing imo as it would make the game less appealing on PC. :confused:

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That’s especially true with how glitchy vision has been, ever since the changes. I tend to see heroes pop up for a split-second when entering lane-bushes in 3vs3, even when I have no cams there.
With a much larger area of the map visible, and scout cams placed, you will see heroes glitching up long before they get to you (even when they technically shouldn’t be visible).

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It is indeed a huge difference, as this image from Vyzeox shows …


Does FoV make this point moot or should I start learning PC :joy:

I REALLY want to put a bunch of monitors together and see if I can get the entire Fold on screen at once!


I don’t think this will benefit VG at all. There are so many PC mobas another isn’t gonna make anyone care. Especially when people see how small the map is, how slow the heroes are, how limited the item shop is. There’s nothing VG offers but touch controls that’s why I choose to play it. VG is just less than your average moba lol, smite, hots, and DotA got the moba seen covered on PC VG isn’t a threat and does not offer anything those Mona don’t do better.

Oh my, that would be gorgeous. Buy scout cams like crazy as Flicker and communicate enemy locations to your team - oh the rotations :heart_eyes:

But if you do this just to see it, you must show me


Items and heroes have been slowly added ( although they are really picking up on heroes ) and once PC is running, it’ll not only be the only cross-platform MOBA but also one of the more gorgeous games I’ve played.

Now if only they could fix a broken matchmaker and the numerous bugs pointed out to them

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The field of view will be a very big advantage for PC players especially compared to phone players…

I hate playing on phone because my view is too narrow compared to tablet.


Play anywhere you like? Also I really dislike lol and chose VG over it…

Lol graphics are mediocre too…

Lol you’re missing the point, their is a huge player pool who play these games on PC. Take a fraction of that and your boosting in game numbers… what’s that mean for you?

Will more money and more development for the game or course combined with better match maker and shorter queue times.

You can continue to play on mobile, it won’t matter to you but others it’ll be attracted to th PC game. It’ll be the only mobile / PC type game on the market offering a unique experience for its player base. Also helps that the graphics are far superior to anything lol has to offer IMO.