PC Troubles

A few years ago I build my own PC and I have upgraded some parts since. The current build is

  • AMD A10-7700K
  • 8GB RAM
  • GTX 1050 Ti
  • 250GB SSD for Windows and most apps w/ a 1TB drive for extra file storage
  • Corsair CS650M PSU

I had to upgrade to that PSU because the last PSU was janky and couldn’t supply enough power for the GTX 1050 Ti that I put in.
I don’t use the PC much since I don’t really game and I have a laptop that I take to school and do most of my work on. I really just use this PC for programming.
However, my PC frequently crashes when under load.
It’s been a nagging problem for like a year now but I haven’t cared to fix it because I very rarely stress the PC enough for the issue to present itself.

When the PC is under load, the screen will freeze for like 4 seconds, then static on the screen and the PC restarts.

I don’t know what’s causing it to crash. Windows error logs just show something like “PC didn’t shut down properly”.

Ofc, I stay on top of driver and windows updates.

My feeling is that it’s the PSU or maybe a faulty GPU but I don’t really know.
Has anyone else had similar issues?
Any troubleshooting tips?
Is there a way to test for which component is causing the issue?

What are your CPU and GPU temps under load?

I have monitored them using MSI Afterburner and they seem normal. GPU usually stays under 80°C.
However, I’ve never actually been looking at the temp right before it crashes.

Set up an application that monitors your temp CPU GPU and Ram use while doing heavy stuff.

The spikes will tell you something.

Have you physically cleaned your device? Dust in the fans can be a killer.