PC installation

I am having a problem with PC installation

My device is Dell inspiron
My operating system is windows 7

i get this pop up after following their steps to the TEE as described in the website https://vainglorygame.com/quick-guide-install-vg-alpha-windows/


what do i do to fix it?

There are a few bug reports regarding installation on the SEMC Slack … I’m almost done at work, will check and see if there’s any info there.

There are alot of problems for Pre-Windows 10 computers. Doesnt really seem like its SEMCs fault but Microsoft for leaving out some of the programs when updating from the previous Windows to Windows 10.

I downloaded a bunch of the required things and repaired some of the data already on my computer.

Didnt work on 3 pc’s I tried to install this on.

Have you tried the latest alpha (released yesterday)? It is supposed to fix a lot of the failures.

what?! no I havnt, ill try this asap.

So I tried the new build. I was excited because it worked and loaded I logged myself in and everything. So I went to test a BR and it didnt load me into game. I ended up finishing the game on my phone but it was too late I got desserter and put into lpq. the kicker here is I had just had and lpq yesterday for leaving a BR and early today for missing and accept button. so you can imagine how freaken pissed off I am right now with my LPQ of 13 min x 5. I sent a message to semc help desk to remove me from it. because there is no way in hell im waiting over and hours worth of time to play BRs because thats all I play. So pissed off.

hmm, seems consistent with other complaints on reddit. hope they fix soon.

I’d create a smurf for playing on the alpha, for exactly those sorts of reasons.

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Yeah, I have a few you would think I’d have used one to test it with but nope. I was too excited and thought it would work. lesson learned. The other pc’s in my house I will use a smurf.

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