Patch Day 9.23 - 20 Nov 2019 @ 1100 UTC

It’s a big one, folks! The Elemental Rift arrives with this patch, which also ushers in the 2020 preseason!

From Riot’s intro:

Welcome to preseason! Hope you’re ready for some big shake-ups to Summoner’s Rift, expansions and overhauls to multiple item systems, and major work to a bunch of keystones. In many respects this is our most ambitious preseason in years, and we’re excited to see what new picks and strategies develop in a world where the map itself changes during the game. As usual, the next couple of months will be all about establishing and stabilizing the new meta as we head toward season start, so now’s the time to jump in if you want to be ahead of the curve when ranked kicks off in the new year.

There are a whole host of changes in this patch …

… so be sure to read the full patch notes!


Servers are back up, and 9.23 is live!

Will not lie, with everything they do with LOL, I can’t wait for lol wr to arrive on my phone.

For now - lol evening parties incoming.

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