Patch Day 9.22 - 6 Nov 2019 @ 1000 UTC

The last patch of the 2019 season arrives today! The ranked season ends on 2019-11-19T08:00:00Z! Also, URF ends in 5 days on 2019-11-10T03:00:00Z!

Full patch notes are here

New skins in 9.22 (available on the day of the Worlds final, i.e., 10 November):

Details on how to obtain the Prestige Edition of Qiyana’s TD skin haven’t been officially released yet.

Senna will be available 10 November also!


Nerfs to Xayah and Kai’Sa this patch :sob: Sad Hazel is sad.

New patch is live! The Xayah nerf is noticeable but didn’t seem to affect her hypercarry-ness in late game very much!

While you’re sad, Im over here dancing to Kalista being buffed. Shes been abused (Riot choosing to not buff her for a long while) since her kit is outdated which makes her easily broken or potato.

True Damage Akali and Ekko skins look sooo nice as well :easter_happy_3:

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I don’t own Ekko, but that Akali skin is :heart_eyes:

How did Xayah feel? 75 to 50 atk speed nerf must feel hella wierd… (I just woke up so dont mind me replying to you on multiple threads :saw:)

I’ve played quite a few matches now, and she’s still deadly late game – just a bit less OP when her W is active. One thing I do notice is that it takes longer for her to take down objectives – before the nerf, by mid game, she could basically melt towers or even drakes by herself, now it takes too long to risk doing so without someone there to defend her.