Patch Day 9.21 - 23 Oct 2019 @ 1000 UTC

Another Patch Day has arrived! Patch 9.21 is generally focused on bug fixes and preparations for the Rise of the Elements update, but there a few hero tweaks as well.

Full notes are here

New skins in 9.21 (available beginning 10/24):

I posted larger versions of the Halloween skins in this thread, but here’s Annie’s new skin in all its super-cute glory:

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Aaaaaannnnddd … the servers are back up! :partying_face:

They are featuring fan art on the loading screen!!! :star_struck:


Niceeeee! Love what those folks are doing!

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Lots of Halloween skins have made their reappearance (for a limited time) in the shop! :ghost:

Where's Bewitched Miss F?

She’s not shown because I bought her the moment I opened the shop :innocent: