Patch Day 12.12 - 23 June 2022

The Snow Moon skin splashes are here

Also, for those keeping track, this patch includes Zeri’s 8th straight nerf :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The Essence Emporium returns during this patch, but Riot is apparently reworking the EE after this appearance:

The Essence Emporium returns from June 28 to July 12 . Head to the store to use Blue Essence to nab chromas, ward skins, emotes, icons, and more, including Emporium exclusives like the URFWick skin!

IMPORTANT: After this run, the Essence Emporium is going on hiatus while we rebuild it. Right now, running the Emporium is so inefficient it causes delays and feature cuts in other projects like events and missions. Beyond making the Emporium more efficient to run, we’re also exploring navigation and usability improvements for when (not if ) it returns. Be sure to spend all your Blue Essence during this Emporium!

To make up for this hiatus, we’re shifting the three Gemstone icon bundles into a chain of three missions (matchmade SR or ARAM). This will be free for all players , granting 10 Mythic Essence each for a total of 30.

It’s not clear why they advise spending ALL of your BE during this patch. I’ll post more more info when I find the explanation.

So far, it seems like the advice to “spend all your BE now” is based on the lack of a timetable for the Essence Emporium’s return. I got my Taliyah champie today on only my 3rd try, so now I’m good … and I still have 250K BE left :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: