Patch Day 10.13 - 24 Jun 2020

Featuring some much, MUCH needed nerfs …

Full patch notes here:

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My personal opinion on this


Not sure why Kalista was nerfed. It is more of a high elo reason? She doesn’t seem as strong as she used to be

Glad that Cassiopeia got nerfed, but I wish it was more with regards to her CC and DPS she was felt really oppressive in those regards. A MR nerf doesn’t seem like much for me.

For Ornn I have no real opinions aside from the bonus damage from his brittle passive which maybe could have been toned down.

Aphelios is incredibly hard to balance with his overloaded kit (for an ADC). Most likely they will need to nerf him further

Yuumi nerf is strange for me. Is it a buff or a nerf? To me it seemed like they decreased her mana cost? I’m probably reading the page wrong

She’s a very inconsistent champion. Either she is dead ass annoying with her heal and AOE Root not to mention her homing missile. Or she basically is horribly useless if your team cannot carry.

On a brighter note, glad Kog Maw is getting buffed. Nice to see my favourite void bum hole is getting some love. He is like the most underwhelming ADC rn if the team doesn’t protect him. Just sad his AD path not getting as much love.

I will say I’m a bit disappointed that Soraka wasn’t nerfed I feel she could be toned down a bit.

Kalista recent buff was a bit too much iirc so they had to tone her down to be played off winning early game since shes an early game bully and fall off later in the game.

also i cant wait to get my hands Pool Party Syndra


It’s actually an increase, because the cost of her E now scales with her maximum mana.

She’s actually the most consistently devastating champ in the whole game in pro play — there really isn’t a counter to her. Pair her with someone like Ezreal, and the other team is going to spend mid and late game avoiding them.


Ah okay thanks for clearing that up for me

I can certainly see how strong support she could be when she is part of a coordinated well trained professional team.

My personal opinion was more based on seeing her in nonprofessional games where people don’t synergize as well with other people.

Like literally if you can’t latch onto someone you become a very useful minion. But if you find players who know what to do and can hold their own without the physical presence of a support, your job as Yuumi becomes easy

I tend to look more at the general playerbase so my views are skewed that way

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Forgot to post this the other day, but this a good thread for it:

:arrow_up: New feature in testing during patches 10.13 & 10.14 – mute or report those (fortunately rare) trolls in Champ Select!