Patch 4.5 Updates - Video Breakdown


Welcome to the Forum! That video is a great review of the balance changes, but I miss a review of the new hero since the title talks about the whole update and not just the balance changes. But very good video, keep the work ! :wink:


I like it. And welcome to the forums, @Ryphol! Great contribution. One aspect of the video I like is the brevity. Too many VG YT/streamers post videos that are 30+ min in length. It’s great to have brief tutorials, breakdowns, and highlights. You do this well. Thank you!

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Welcome to the forum … I think it’s a habit that I listen to casters calling heroes champions and turrets towers and they keep correcting themselves directly , you called them champions At the start and then called them heroes at the end of the video , I enjoyed the video because it was fast , like I don’t know why people watch excoundrel videos they are too long , short well done videos are interesting and what a mobile game needs .


Not to hate on anyone, but excoundrel (used to) be a lot more in depth. In general I preferred the deep analysis and pausing to do math on changes to see what the real impact was. For example if a hero got high base damage. and lowered ratio, he would see at what CP thresholds it was a nerf vs a buff. Not just “should be better early game” or some quick take away.