Patch 3.4!... Oops, looks like I don't need to hope to win brawl anymore

Capacitor Shield: 20% on ALL heals and shields to allies

Ardan Rare
Adagio Rare

God damned SEMC, if you want to have a brawl mode, make it fun fcking dammit. I don’t see how being able to get 75% of your hp covered every 10s is considered fun when you have characters like idris (yes, idris.) and kensei. If you wanna be like a not budget budget LOL, at least do it right and keep the boosts to a minimum to stop whales

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No kidding, I played Adagio in Blitz with level 9 rare talent with Idris and Kestrel, and we smashed. And I’m completely f2p :rofl:

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Moving to Salt Mine, as the OP is basically venting. If you make it more constructive, we can move it back.

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Right, thanks and sorry 'bout that

Look at the barrier I did with capacitor plate on ardan(ranked 3v3)


Mental Note

No more brawls for Hazel …

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balance pls


Why on earth are you cursing this much. It doesn’t make us want to read your posts more…

You call that cursing loool. (Not trying to start anything, just saying that isn’t a lot of cursing, at least in my experience. Yours might be different)

Lol I played adagio in Blitz and RIP my enemies.

play br instead of blitz

the thrill is, you can’t always get ardan
the fun is, if you get celeste ardan and kestrel in one team

it’s better than blitz since you can’t choose, but you can be blessed with op heroes

First game i got today was adagio on the enemy team with legendary talent, and i got kensei, but i didnt put on the rare talent because its just filth, and i got a wp baptiste and cp bf as my teammates against a epic talent alpha and tony. Entire enemy team on 50% hp for basically the entire fight felt gud man

The rare talent on Kensei got nerfed, it’s trash now

Yeah i read about it, it still feels weird to be using an out of game boost like talents though, like really, I want brawl without talents back. At this point the only few talents i can start to accept are stuff like deep dive, phaster and some low level rare talents like splitfire, splash doubledown, enhanced boosters and young star, anything else is just cancer

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I love to play with Glaives legendary talent, it’s lots of fun, but so is Ringos rare… Not all talents are horseshit, only the fact that you can upgrade them and that they become meta in some cases

Yeah, glaive’s is pretty neat, gives that extra gap closer you wish you had in a normal game

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Yeah, I wish they’d add that to normal Glaive, that would make him a little more of a valuable pick

i think its time to remove brawl and blitz mode? maybe all 3v3?

I think that’s the easy and completely wrong answer.

The problem is that it’s impossible to balance heroes and items in every game mode unless you alter their stats PER MODE. Unfortunately, the game’s code doesn’t support that (which, to me, shows a lack of foresight in planning the data structures, but that’s just my opinion :sunglasses:).

The solution, imo, is to rewrite the code/data structures (which has been requested by the balancing team) or break the game into two apps (which I continue to advocate for): a 3v3 one and a 5v5 one.

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i dont know, but in SEMC current situation, it is easier to focus on balancing gameplay of 5v5 and the blitz one, SEMC dont have many human resources for balancing all modes separately :sob:

Actually, it would make balancing the heroes easier, because there would be fewer compromises. Nivmett has said as much, iirc.

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