Panic Playdate


I utterly love Panic.


The system looks really promising to me. I’m personally not to keen on the lack of a screen backlight (although the nostalgia aspect of it is cool) but it otherwise looks interesting and having games from the likes of Takahashi specifically designed for the system is neat. I certainly wish I wasn’t broke and had the money to possibly buy it when it goes up :upside_down_face:


the crank idea is very cool (and unique as far as i know). looks like a lot of fun. also this looks like it will be good when it releases


I’m not a fan of proprietary hardware. It’s a very resource-intensive and wasteful concept to me. I keep my gadgets for many, many years, and repair them when they break.


So I presume you don’t own an XBox, PlayStation, tablet, mobile phone, &c.?


implying none of none of these can be fixed by yourself