Ozo's new skin: Infernozo


they just posted the Ozo spotlight again on fb, which is very stupid. But with how stupid their media team’s been doing. I feel like Ozo is gonna get a new skin. Hopefully it’s a legendary.

confirmed: a new skin

Infernozo skin confirmed

Twitter mirror for those that want it:

I definitely feel like it’s an Ozo skin tease, likely a fire-themed one, at that. Great time for me to have 17 ICE and a slight unwillingness to spend money on the game :upside_down_face:


The audience wants new samual skin. Not flopzo


Ozo has a skin?
I totally don’t remember seening it from a certain forumer :popcorn::popcorn:


yup, a skin for the monkey


Infernape Ozo looking real good.



I couldn’t help myself


When are they gonna release red dead redemption gwen/ringo


The only other starting Pokemon that compares to any from Gen1. @DIMTI, I’m going to message you soon for tips on playing Ozo. This skin is just BA that I must play him!


they’re releasing mortal kombat idris skin, so I don’t see why not


New ozo perk; “Blaze.”

When ozo is under 20% health, gain +200% damage.



Ozo is about to become S tier I can smell it


I agreed with your comment about this splash art give you Dota2 vibe.


At least ozo has clear conters, him being OP would simply push Lance into the meta.