Ozo skills kit rework?


I love this current B actually.


He already has high win rate now, and his skills are fine


pretty sure it’s to fit the joystick


His kit did need a rework IMO. Happy they finally came around to it.


I thought he was viable now???


he is viable just sleeper OP. i hope its a reminder rather than an actual rework lmao


Nooooo don’t touch my main monkey man


Yes! Finally! Ozo’s design really has a lot of potential, if this rework is legit, I’ll be hyped. Much excitement.


He’s fine the way he is right now, I really hope he just gets a new skin with new animations.


I fear they will rework Ozo like they did Koshka. Simplifying more complex elements and afterwards nerfing it.

They will lower his skill ceiling for sure…


ok. I’m curious. what did koshka used to do?


Koshkas speed boost used to be based onthe amount of targets hit.

A good Koshka would be faster than a bad one… Because her speedboost would be longer.


And the empowered auto attacks dependes on that too.


True I wasn’t exactly sure of that thanks for confirming. It was quite a few patches back…


I’m worried. I really enjoy playing Ozo. Acrobounce is his core ability and if it is significantly changed, he won’t be recognizable. His A suffers from the lack of display ranges that like other melee heroes.


If they rework ozo when he’s finally good, that be a meme.


Lol told ya’ll not to overthink it. Read the guy who coded Ozo. His passion for the hero is so nice. It also explains the origin as to why he gets gold during his bounces.




instead of showing me the spot light, u made me want the red lantern map back now.
Those fireworks look so sexy


Ok I don’t think Ozo is getting a rework anymore. If they where going to rework Ozo why would they promote his old spotlight? It’s just confusing to casuals and new players.