Ozo balance wish

Ahem…give Acrobounce CC immunity on overdrive. The new age of Ozo is now

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Ah I c you want the bug back :eyes:

Tbh it was pretty nice of a bug cuz it gave him a bigger chance in 5v5 but you know…
They just had to remove it😔

Give give him that and he will dominate 3v3

Give him up to 5 bounces in 5v5

It used to have that and he never dominated 3v3.

Make krul ult longer and can grab people to him not just stun them hehehe
Make reim A global
Rona pull everyone to her even the minions and the entire map like a black hole when she ults .
Make petal munions heroes she just drop them and they farm capture dragons take buffs by their own AI you have no control .

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he used to have them
wasnt op

Pick one

I pick both. He has been consistently a troll pick, even when he had that bug (which has been the majority of the time).


I kind of feel like despite probably making Ozo viable (with a couple numbers buff just to make his damage competitive) this is the cheap way to fix Ozo.

Like “oh no he gets countered by CC, I guess we make him immune to it”. I would prefer his ult to be entirely changed to a new ability, maybe similar to Leo where it has two forms. If it’s used on an enemy it’s the same as his current form, but if he self casts it gives him “Showoff” buff for 8 seconds. Showoff could give him immunity to crowd control for 1 second after dealing ability damage to an enemy.

Honestly not the cleanest idea, but i’d rather see something creative done to him.

Ozo having CC immunity on overdrive would not break the game. If he had it from level 1 on his Acrobounce I could see that, but on overdrive he can still have his strong early game and scale up MUCH better into the late game. It is also a very slow dash, so it works out. It would not make him broken, but would honestly bring him to high or even top tier in top lane due to his VERY high sustain.

Even if Ozo gets crowd control immunity, he would still be deleted quickly because he is vulnerable and likely to be targeted first. IMO, the best solution for him is to make Acrobounce’s animation faster.

It needs to be that slow to give the player time to pick his next target while airborn.

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