Overwatch's New Demon Hunter Skin for Sombra

Blizzard has announced the in-game loot for Overwatch players who purchase a ticket (or Virtual Ticket) to Blizzcon 2018: Demon Hunter Sombra! This skin is amazing!!

For those who don’t know, the skin is based on the Demon Hunter class in Diablo III:

(Maybe Anka is actually a Demon Hunter from Diablo who escaped to the Halcyon Fold!)



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Reminds me of this guy from a pretty dead MOBA.

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Nice skin, the dumb thing tho is that her purple hacking ui is still purple and doesnt fit the theme or color palette of this skin.

Ill stick to my summer diver skin.

Hmm … that’s true, I see that in the video. Does it change with any of her other skins?

Think her blue cyberspace skin has blue hacking ui, no other one changes the hack keys colour


Guess which one I still prefer


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Her default skin :sleepy:

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I see. Anka is a reality hopper who kills to maintain order in the multiverse.

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