Over a Years Worth of Grinding

Took a while and lots of Glory.

Not the best sets of Talents, but I like these heroes. Feels like a secondary mastery.


I haven’t gotten a single talent maxxed out lmao


And just like 20 minutes ago I was wondering what the talent caps were. Nice job. What heroes will you focus on next?

Same. My highest talent is Cath’s Rare on lvl 14

Ah, I see you’re a Fort main of culture as well…

Those are mine, tho I’m really close to getting Phinn’s rare and Fort Epic to max level too.

Gotta ask how was it for you to keep upgrading Fort rare. It’s been nerfed nonstop since 2.5 xd
I think it’s very underwhelming on its current state, it pairs well with SS and utility items but for a maxed rare it’s still pretty meh.
The Phinn epic was pretty op and toxic, tho, now with the new boots idk…

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I think a good majority that don’t play Brawl modes regularly have no max Talents. They aren’t exactly cheap and can disappear from viability in just one patch depending on how they handle the Talent and the hero it is attached to.

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My focus currently is to get the Legendary Talents of Flicker and Fortress maxed out next, followed by Ardan and Vox.

I have Ardan’s:

  • Rare at level 19, with 65 coins left to completion.
  • Epic at level 8, with 9 coins more to max
  • Legendary at level 2,

I have Vox’s:

  • Rare at level 16, requiring another 372 coins to max out.
  • Epic at level 7, but having all the coins needed to max it out.
  • Legendary at level 2.

The fifth hero changes on a whim. I haven’t really considered who to be my fifth main yet.

The goal currently is to max out the Rare and Epic Talents of my main four so that the Daily Talent Chest can give me Glory for four of the five heroes.

Also, if you really want to know the max level and stats of each Talent, the ‘Useful Resources’ section on the forums have data on them.

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Pretty nice Talents you got there.

For me, Fortress Rare is ok. It does its job and isn’t really unfair. I do wish it a little bif buffed if possible. It’s numbers when compared to others is just so unfair to the poor wolf.

Phinn’s just silly right now. He’s overall ok, but people in lower levels seems to be worse at playing Phinn rather than Fortress considering he hasn’t been nerfed out of the meta yet.

I still haven’t got a maxed yet
Lv 12 helio/14 vanguard
Lv 5 phaster
Lv 2 on couple of legs

And my highest talent is level 2 because of an accidental level up.

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Me neither. pretty sure you have to play the same 5 heroes over and over or spend a lot of glory (or both) to get there… My highest is Lv12 Gwen Rare… CP Gwen destroys everything with it.

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I can honestly say do both - play lots of the same heroes in bot matches each day and stock up on Glory.

Lucky thing is that I have all the heroes usually (Magnus will probably be coming through the Metal Chests later), so all Glory goes into these Talents.

Contrary to my posted picture, I actually maxed out Flicker’s Rare followed by his Epic and then Fortress’ Rare Talent months ago.

I posted this one because I recently maxed out Fortress’ Epic Talent and though they looked nice maxed and being on top of each other.

Lucky thing is that I got an Epic level Glory drop from the Daily Talent Chest - which gave me 990 Glory to max out Fortress Epic Talent yesterday (equal to 3 Epic Coins as 1 Epic coin is substituted for 330 if it is maxed and drops from the Chest).

Once I get the Rare Talents for Ardan, Flicker, Fortress and Vox; I should have a decent steady Glory income from the Daily Talent Chest.

For the fifth hero, I’m not really sure who to pick. Maybe one of the new heroes rumoured next inine.

Kensei has some pretty cool Talents… So does Churnwalker…

People actually grind for talent…

They are cool, though I honestly don’t play these heroes outside of ARAL.

Kensei’s Rare is perfect in his current (weakened state).
His Epic is super OP if you can get it high enough to make him forever invincible.
His Legendary is nice, but it consumes way too much energy overall to be useful in the long run.

Churnwalker’s Rare is ok if team mates are ok to make up for the damage sharing reduction. Makes him stay forever alive though.
His Epic is quite unique and nice to use, while his Legendary is so cheesy and makes him slightly easier to play thanks to the extended chain range.


Well, I did make a whole doc of Talent stats with the help of community members on VG’s subreddit.

And it’s a whole lot of stats

I love playing CP walker in blitz with the epic, it’s destructive as hell, especially with a frostburn.

This is impressive lol. Until recently I didn’t care about blitz in the least and my highest level talent was a level 2 krul rare I leveled up for some unknown reason :stuck_out_tongue: now I don’t really have time for 5v5/3v3 so I get my fix from brawl modes, so I do the 5 games a day to level up my favorite hero talents. I love kestrel R (l13) and Lance E (l4), Lance E is so ridiculously broken but fun too!

It is. Churnwalker’s Epic in combination with some items makes him a self-carry because he supplies the damage for his chains himself!

I applaud those Churnwalker mains that can land their hooks and be aggressive with this Talent.

Very scary and annoying but fair.

Heh, I get you. Main modes arw fun, but when ypu don’t have the time, Brawl modes are just what get ypu the VG fix for the day.

I see you have gone for the strong ones.

Kestrel’s Rare Talent, despite its strength doesn’t seem to see much use. It’s probably because the shorter range put her at a disadvantage or players just don’t want to play around having a team with a Kestrel having that Talent.

As for Lance’s Epic Talent is obnoxious. He’s pretty strong because they keep buffing him (though he doesn’t show up in regular matches because he just doesn’t bring much to the table compared to other Captains or top lane bruisers). His Epic Talent in combination with burst items like Aftershock, Stormcrown and Tension Bow can down a Crystal Sentry pretty quickly. It’s not uncounterable (cause if players are smart, they immediately get rid of the vision he has placed to attack the Sentry over the wall), but goodness he’s slippery as ■■■■.

The few times I wrecked Lance’s going for that stratgey involves using Fortress’ Legendary Talent. He can’t really sneak around with all those wolves chewing on him, lol. Most other heroes can’t really deal with that strategy most of the time.