Out of Range Skillshot

When you cast a skillshot but where you tap/click is out of the ability’s range your hero targets the point closest to where you taped/clicked. Your hero should walk in the direction until the point you tapped is in the range. This weird system really messes up the game experience with heroes such as Celeste. It wasn’t very noticable on mobile because I just assumed that my fingers where too fat but on pc it is clear that the system is very weird and clunky.

It’s not a bug, you can change that in the settings. There is an option that allows you to cast abilities even when tapping out of range, or move towards that direction.

Yeah that’s a feature, not a bug. The reason it’s like that is because firing off skillshots when you aren’t in range of an enemy allows you to lead your shots easier at the cost of having to time things better.

If you mean “Lazy Attack Ignores Cursor”, I don’t have that on anyway. I don’t think there’s an option to turn this off. It seems to be a really weird feature as TheInterpreter said.

Because I play reim this thing help me attacking enemy while Iam disengaging , like I don’t have to click on my range I just run and I know my ability range so I cast the full range while running and I know its going to land there , without it you could misclick , some heroes used to hit with extra range than their actual range like cp kestrel , I remember she could hit enemies out of her range she was abusing the tap anywhere not just inside the range , and the feature is good for kestrel actually .

But you can turn it off , I don’t know about PC , but in my iPad I can turn it off easily from settings .

No, I dont mean that. I didn’t even know that option existed.