Out of Game Experience. What can be improved

Really wanted to get this out before 4.0 but its just one thing thats been on my mind.

What would you like to be improved out of game? You get THREE wanted improvements/changes tho.

And you cant say the Battlepass as a change. There are probably countless threads about how controversial it was. :alphabarf: :potoo:

This is also a post to get off the topic of the 4.0 changes since everyone was directly or indirectly effected by it :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

Ill start off with…


Im REALLY tired of the whole elongated rectangle look.
The moment you click on the market button, all you see is just a bunch of rectangle photos with a tidbit of info and a chest. Though the talent section is somewhat better, I think a market is due to a overhaul in the looks department. :lyra:

Hero Pages

Semc is finally trying to erase the feeling of the bing bong look but the streaks of that time are still lingering throughout the app.

The took away the beautiful skins section (where the full splash art was 3/4 of the right of the screen and the multiple skins were on the left.) They should try to reattempt that same feel but also making the skin section less. Cheap? Lackluster? Idk but something.

Overall clean up of some backgrounds and realignment of things.

Remove the weird hazing ontop of the rank icons shown in example 1 (yellow)and fix the weird marks in background show-in black.

Align this better than the portrait literally grinding against the border. :arrow_heading_down:

Ill also be on break so Ill lurk here once in a while but vaca is way more important :massage_man:


From a player’s POV:
Ranking experience, more accurate matchmaking, actual MMR resets, more meaning to rank tiers

More emphasis on guilds and teams, events catered towards them

Clean up the market, loot systems and currencies

From SEMC’s POV:
More consistency for decisions towards changes for the game (balancing, clear roadmap and plans for the future)

Marketing (not just whether to advertise or not, but everything else including communication and transparency to players and stakeholders, pricing of in game purchases, more significant and attractive deals and events, esports events and media)

More focus on the SEA region: Not because im from SEA, but its their biggest market with the most potential. Unlike the rest of the world, the main gaming device of Indians are smartphones, not PCs or consoles. The China market is also mainly focusing on smartphone games but its way too competitive for SEMC to compete in their market now. Bad servers in SEA is an instant turnoff to many players here.

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I’d say

  1. In-game shop - try to remove the scroll up/down interaction in shop
  2. Tutorials - mostly hero spotlights and add some how they work tutorials for tier 3 ones.
  3. Quests - Pretty much every quest rework as well as implementating some long chain quests resulting in higher drops like skins, BP etc.
    Probably decrease duplicate opals payout otherwise we would have quite a lot before every update.

While I do agree with your last point. Majority of Indians are casuals and VG has quite a lot of downsides compared to other MOBAs for them to get the attention.
Budget smartphone market here is probably one of the best atm but VG requires decent smartphone even in this segment that probably not many can afford.
Don’t get me wrong, you can get a device decent enough to run VG in $100 or less but unless you are considered higher than semi-middle class than I’m not expecting you to have one.
India’s smartphone gaming market is something even I can’t understand, at one side we have casuals like Candy Crush and endless runners and on the other we have competives (completive as in complicated game mechanics terms)and PUBG. I have not seen anyone playing anything aside from casual stuffs as long as I can remember and gatherings for competive one’s are so rare that the last one I got invited for was 4 months ago.

But hey I am not an analyst and am probably wrong in quite a lot of ways.
This is just what I have understood in my time and have done no research whatsoever to back it up so

lol. when i read “out of game”, I immediately think “In Real Life”.

So i’m thinking T-shirts, soft plush toys and life size weapons.


I still believe having a really good, meaningful guild system is a key to player longevity- especially when they’re about to introduce VG to a crap ton of new players with their cross-platform release. Shameless plug :slight_smile:


I would looooove some merch from SEMC. They can even do what Artix Entertainment did: sell merch bundled with digital goods (e.g, a physical calendar with an exclusive in-game item).


That guild overhaul post is one of the best ever made … absolutely glad you mentioned it, because it addresses the single most important thing missing from the game: any sort of enduring social aspect.



@Xhaos - dude. Thank you for that “shameless plug”. I love that. At the very least, they should implement Guild wars. Pick a team of 3, 5, 10, or 15 to duke it out with the others over the next 24 hours. The higher numbers are for larger guilds to have multiple games going at once.

Guild wars! Do it!!!

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It’s sad that it will never come to fruit as it’s awesome.

Zekent already said that a guild rework is that last thing on their to-do list. :confounded:

It’s clear that they don’t give two :new_poop::new_poop: about guilds. They’ve never understood what guilds brought to the game, and they basically destroyed them when they demolished the end-of-season guild rewards. And that was in spite of the fact that many, MANY influential people in the community pleaded with them to improve and expand guilds.

To me, it’s just another example of how poorly they understand how to build a community around their game.


How come ive never seen this thread? :scream: this is amazing :ok_hand:


If I remember correctly, a mod (or someone) told me that Discord and Reddit is basically enough for tHe SocIaL aSpEcT of the game.

Quite disappointing that they subscribe to this belief, because had I not met my first few guilds in the OG forums, I wouldn’t be giving a two sh!ts about this game today.


Same. I’m only here because of the first guild I (and then my kids) joined. We formed our own guild 2 months later, and that remained very active up until the fiasco that was the 5v5 release.

It wasnt my fault, Hazel made me rant 🌚

One of the most popular guilds MashMaru on the NA server finally became inactive. And they were like in the first ten slots of the Skaarf guild event. Thats shows alot. Even the two GLeaders left the game for almost two months now.

On the guild discord they stated (not exact words but the same idea) The players aren’t motivated like they used to be. (hitting the fame checks) Therefore there wont be anymore fame checks.”

After that post is when they went inactive.

To add to the fire, guild chests arent even worth it. They have the value of a bronze box and thats a GUILD CHEST. Something you get for reaching a milestone for your guild. Just wow


One thing I want is an annual full tier reset tbh. T10 feels very…VERY inflated rn cause t10s rn feel like I am playing with t8s when I first got into that tier

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My guild also died after 5vs5 release… :frowning:

The market got a new look… I guess my want for a improvement of it worked :hushed: