Origns idris


can someone attach a pic orign idris here as I can’t update at the moment


Best i can do


I just hope it has some nice effects and not just model changes.

P.S I have both the idris skins as I main him.


It’s the original Idris art, but reworked? That’s actually quite cool.

Nevermind, they made him red and gave him different headgear.

Double-edit: Maybe “Origin Idris” is a double entendre and this is actually the original concept, and the Idris we have now is the rework? :thinking:

Whatever, I really like it.

Edit 3: …I might have been right.


so what does that even mean. Don’t tell me they just changed the clothing.

I will like to have a star wars themed idris skin with both light and dark side skins.


I just have the horus because i enjoy egyptian themed things. I thought about maining him but how i enjoy him people think i am trolling

Anakin and darth vader i love it


Look at the art that you posted, then look at the original art for Idris:


Color change and hat change wow kinda lazy it better have awesome effects and new voice lines


there is hardly any difference. The new skin is just re colour of original. It will be a waste of opals to buy it unless it has effects


See my reply above. It may actually be a bit deeper than we think!


Oml this is the first I’ve seen on this and I want it so bad


@dream look at this


Hmm hero mastery? Maybe hopefully


No pls ;-;
It would be fine if they did it for all the heroes at once (which is very unlikely at this point), but having it for Idris only rn would just make the hero selection a battle to see who can instalock Idris the fastest for the skin.


I could see them slowly implementing it like that. I hope it doesn’t cause instalockfest though


Well if this is how they’re doing it, I’m gonna have to work on my Ozo instalocking skills


I’m liking these new ways to get skins!


Doesn’t anyone notice how his eyes don’t glow? I believe it ties to the man he was before the churn infected him.

hence “origin


His stance is slightly higher too


How’d you get the colored version? I just found about it today.