Opinions on the latest SB video?

How do you feel about the recent Surprise Birthday video? As you know I always wanna stay optimistic about the future of the game, but don’t refrain from criticising parts of the game’s that need it. I am glad Dev streams are coming back. It might actually reintroduce the atmosphere the game used to have similar to when the game had downtime streams in between patches which I would appreciate a ton if that happens. I am also very much on board to SEMC delaying the patch by two weeks to crack down on bugs and overall optimization which I know is incredibly important to you guys here in the forum. I also hope the Q&A helps open discussion with solutions to issues the game has. I think with this I might as well post my solutions to Reddit to get more devs to notice it.


I really hope the lengthening of the time between patches is for extra time to focus on bug fixes, tuning, etc. I admit to being somewhat skeptical about the bug fixes, though, as that’s really never been a focus of theirs unless the bug was game-breaking or trivial to fix. Hopefully, the extra time will allow for more thorough play testing – something that’s sorely needed.

I absolutely agree with you about the sudden reappearance of dev vids. I think one of their greatest mistakes over the past two years was taking their community for granted. I think it’s possible they’ve finally realized how much that’s hurt them, and perhaps they’re attempting to rectify that.

I really miss the old regular dev streams and the downtime streams.


SurpriseBirthday specifically states the delay is for bug fixes and optimization. I really hope they do a good job with this extra time they’ve given themselves.

Talking about bugs, yesterday, i couldnt xretsu my backs. Every time i clicked on the creep, taka would automatically start walking towards the lane. Weird shit everywhere ;-;

I’m excited and optimistic. Hopefully it brings the fixes and improvements we’ve all been craving.

  • 2 weeks of this atrocious tank meta. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhHhhhHhHhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHH

I would genuinely prefer them to break the games meta every patch by randomly throwing dice around to determine how strong each character is going to get buffed or nerfed than suffer through this tank meta. At least that would be somewhat fresh for the first week, seeing these full CP Caths one shot people.

On a less me note, yay bug fixes. Can we finally get the Samuel DD bug fixed. That’s been bothering me for ages and I don’t even play him.

I heard break the game :eyes:

Lets bring back the WP ratios on Blackfeathers A Execute with a whopping 150% ratio :drooling_face:

Tbh, as they now work both on a mobile version and a PC version, they don’t have the dev power now (the lay offs wont help either). I guess a lot of the new bugs are because of the two versions.

Bring back 1.3 Vox and we are good.

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petal infinite leash range and frostburn on munions please

With the current state (Cash Milking, Losing Uniqueness, Quantity over Quality,…) of the game, I’m affraid that VG is in its ending cycle. It goes without saying that VG will be abandoned in the next year or so. I don’t know what can we expect from the dev. BUT PLEASE DONT LET THE GAME DIE. I really hope SEMC has some kind of plan.

SB’s face says it all. The sadness, the despair, the forced optimism…

Lel. Must be hard to fix bugs. Good for them tho, making an extra effort to squash bugs

SB’s Face :mask:

When the community manager forces you to do a dev update to silence the community and questions.

bring back the old lyra

30 chars

No no no im not emotionally ready for “better adagio” to come back.

If broken lyra comes back i want true cp adagio back

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