OP Heroes in 5v5

This isn’t a salt thread, I promise
Now all of us know what in 5v5 there are really some cancerous heroes that make the game really unbalanced and fairly frustrating to play against. Namely:

Bot Lane- Gwen - No need for an explanation
Top Lane: None at the moment. WP Grace has nearly crossed the OP border though.
Mid- Samuel is quite obvious. He’s dominating the meta in general, probably the most flexible hero(in roles) at the moment. Celeste and CP Vox is quite close.
Jungle: Koshka, Alpha, Krul
Captain- Foretress, Flicker, Grace

Edit: Sorry for not putting CP Vox in the midlane, I sort of forgot about him, pardon me. Also, for the term flexible, I meant that he can go any role except captain and still do really well in it. He can go Top, Bottom, or even Jungle(although he suffers from the influx of Koshka and Krul)
For the ACTUAL Flex Picks, Baptiste, Glaive, Kestrel, Grace are some reallt good flex picks atm.

Sorry for not editing it. Was quite busy althroughout the last couple of days

And Foretress is really good, no joke. He practically defines dive comps and Dive comps are one of the best and most popular comps in 5v5. Many of the top Heroes in the meta are either counters to dive comps, part of dive comps themselves, or are just good in any situation. Let’s say for example Koshka. Koshka with Foretress is one of the most crazy snowball partners in the whole of VG. Another example, Celeste. Although celeste gets deleted when the enemy team dives into her, her poke damage can severely hinder the potential of the dive comps and make them afraid to actually dive(like agains’t a BF for example. He hates poke). All in all, coupled with one of the highest or the highest winrate among all heroes in 5v5 proves that Foretress is a god tier roam.

What do you think should be done to them? They are just really annoying.

Any suggestions?

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Sam isn’t a flex pick, someone who can go wp/cp/roam is flex, like adagio or baptiste.
Gwens perk can be nerfed a bit, krul and koshka get movt speed nerfs, grace gets perk nerf,celeste and Sam get reduced cp ratios. Buffs to a few heroes can indirectly nerf these heroes or even items can hit these heroes. Sam uses the DE buff and map size for more DD angles to his advantage, Gwen has TB buff+map size which gives her advantage and so on.Sometimes heroes get buffed/nerfed indirectly and rise to the meta suddenly.

They also need to revert the tension bow buff right now its an item that makes some hero like krul and gwen obnoxious. It wasn’t actually a bad item but once again semc used the old make something op so people start using it technique.

Where is Vox on this list… Vox is a major offender too much more so than Celeste…


What I meant was that Sam can go mulitiple roles, sorry for the misunderstanding.

All in all, what you said makes sense, thanks for contributing :smiley:

Hmmm I was mostly using Gwen when I had to pick the mid role, perhaps I should switch to Sam?


Sam has cp and cp

Wp sam is a joke…

I think he meant multiple lanes. He is good in all the lanes

Bot lane he gets no benefits nor a buff…

No benefits but he has inherit sustain and hold his own

He is not flexible… Adagio and Glaive are flexible, Baptiste is flexible sam is a one trick pony, arguing that location makes him flexible simply isn’t true…

Where is Vox? Are you forgetting CP Vox? The definition of op (through the entire history of the game).


My boiiiiiii CP Vox should be there.

Also, Fortress OP? :joy: since when? Cool ult, bro.

p.s. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t wreck Celeste (actually yes I do - two weeks ago, VG silver Celeste wrekt me with the help of an Echo/WP Lance. rip me)

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I’m not sure there is an op top laner either, but there are a few I like:

Reza: He has the second longest base attack range. This range combined with his high mobility (base move speed of 3.5 and two charges on his B) limits the incoming ranged damage. He can take advantage of a BoE to stay in lane. He also can just out 1v1 a lot of heroes at level 2. His burst damage makes laners wary.

Grace: Tanky due to 40% damage reduction from holy shield on Benediction. She has a high move speed of 3.5. She provides late game utility. Her burst damage is something to be feared due to her perk.

Grumpjaw. Huge burst damage from his A. It might be the second highest non-Ult base damage in the game with 800 base CP at level 5 (Smite 910 but that’s not burst). Super tanky due to 25% damage reduction with full stacks. This soaks TB burst really well. Stacks fall off per second so SAW and Ringo with high attack speed will have several attacks reduced while GJ has 3-4 stacks. Very good chase. Has good late game utility from his Ult.

All three are high burst heroes. Two are very tanky while Reza is highly mobile. Two have late game utility while Reza transitions into more of an assassin. Samual can be played as a Top laner due to his sustain and mobility.


A good Celeste can and will zone you out before utterly butchering you. Lol.

Also yes Fortress is very strong pros are even banning him before they ban gwen. Go figure.


I love WP ozo in top lane. He is just great with sustain and benefits from regular shop visits.

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It’s snowballing that’s op. Semc has to make adjustments to gold bounties and turret payouts. Everyone just seems op because the team with better objective control, farm, and kills will scale much faster than they did in 3v3.

Coupled with how ridiculously common it is to feed and abandon lanes, makes it seem like early scaling heroes seem ridiculously powerful, but that’s mostly because snowballing is way more brutal in 5v5.

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Not the core issue. The difference between mobile and immobile heroes is way too big.

Mobile heroes get more kills and more farm because they can go multiple locations easier.

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Fort is mainly god tier with a coordinated team. Otherwise he’s balanced. I love him tho and am happy to see him be top tier again

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Roam Gwen is even a thing because of her movt speed. Saw a video by quatervois where he cleared entire enemy jungle in under a min due to the movt speed