Oof more good stream news?

So I did a bit of simple optimization on my OBS and my Danganronpa lagged way less while I played it with OBS up! I think streaming will be more bearable with less lag now hopefully! Looking forward to my stream which will go live in a bit

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I have recently figured out the cause for my lag. I just can’t have twitch up on my browser. Seems like having a stream run in the background is just a tad too much for my laptop. Now that I have that figured out I guess I can provide for quality gameplay without all the lag I used to have! I may even test if it makes Air Server more stable for me :wink:

I’m live rn my doods. Join in if you want!


Don’t see you. Same name as your forum name?

Update: Found you.

Thoughts from end of the stream: FAR less lag, but my laptop mic cut off in the middle of the stream, so I have to get a USB extension to plug in my headset since my DualShock 4 refuses to play Danganronpa wirelessly for some reason