Only onesided games?

Since there is no matchmaking category and I am not ranting I will leave this here.

I feel, that all games both 3v3 and 5v5 are onesided so badly that they are single snowballs without recovery.

In part this is due to the matchmaker throwing smurfs into regular games. Or creating lopsided matches with Vainglorious silvers/bronze vs poa players and such.

Two players can down a barriered turret by sharing hits and thus taking it down. If they do this the minion wave following them arrives fully for the next turret.

They can take down two turrets in a minute using this method, combine that notion with the 2v1 nature of toplane and you have a guaranteed recipe for disaster if these issues are combined.

I win matches with gross scores and lose in the same way. I rarely see a balanced match anymore and I feel like its a shame.

Is this a general issue (I presume this) ? What can be done about these issues? Don’t say partying for that is the root of this very problem. Two or more strong players with or without voice communication versus random enemies does not make for good matches.

Has improvement been seen yet or is this still a huge issue?

What could remedy these issues?


Look at the scores (krakens unleashed and turrets taken), this was a quite tense match and balanced. Balanced matches do exist, though they aren’t common, specially in ranked as the matches is mostly determined in the draft, which makes that despite being balanced in terms of skill, the compositions lead to hard snowballs.

Right side had a clear win left sides only saving grace was the Vox that dealt some serious damage.

Blame your captain for letting this happen


Nop, CP Vox counters all our comp, Catherine the same and Idris the same (but he was just bad). What I mean is that balanced matches do exist, but are rare not due to de MM, but the comps.

The sad part is nothing is going to change about this because Nivmett thinks that there are enough comeback mechanics. But truth once a team gets ahead there’s no recovery.


Recovery is possible… however I do understand what you’re saying, it’s incredible unlikely.

The snowball nature of games at the moment and the seemingly endless number of boosted players is causing me lose interest in VG.


Well if the enemy team makes simple mistakes yeah anything is possible but in general if a team playing at least decently after they’re gonna snowball. I know often times there can be teams who get ahead but still play as passively as early game and won’t do much but that’s not common.

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Nah some of my games get up to 30+ minutes because its so back and forth. For example I played against Cozz for two games, the first being around I think 22 minutes and it was somewhat one sided but that was due to a bad draft. The other match was something like 31 minutes and it was back and forth but eventually we overpowered the enemy team which had Cozz. He’s a pro player and we didn’t have any on our side so it should be expected that we lose but nope. After a good amount of top lane getting beat the **** out of we eventually came together and one teamfights easily.

I feel like people fail to play to their strengths to win and make come backs in general. Comps come in very different playstyles but two prominent ones being: teamfight and small individual fights. You have to play to your strengths and realize what type of heroes you have on your team. If that isn’t done then you will throw the match (if you’re winning) or simply never get there (if you’re losing). MOBA’s shouldn’t have direct influences for comebacks but instead indirect ones like: structure respawns and monster spawning. Matches can exist FOREVER in the lower tiers simply because no one finishes the game.

Comebacks also require thought into what is being done, suppose that your team is a late game team. One player is just playing the game however way they want to and goes 0/15. Another player is playing the game strategically and letting enemies take towers and remains at 0/0 but are safely farming (obviously not just handing over towers but giving them up when they know they can’t handle it.) The first player loses and complains that the game is one-sided. WELL THEY FED SO IT SHOULD BE EXPECTED. The second player manages to win their match after 25 min of farming and all lanes having one tower. The second player knew that there was no point in feeding the enemy when they can just overpower them later on.

That was all mostly 5v5. 3v3 is literally a hot mess and after that event and going something like 5-3 or 6-3, I am never playing that mode ever again. DID YOU KNOW CP VOX IS LITERALLY BROKEN IN THAT MODE? EVEN KENSEI ISNT THAT BAD. Tbh there is no reason to play that unless you play for fun. If looking for competitiveness refer to 5v5.

You probably in a low tier then because if you’re not able to tear down someone’s Turrets when they have a minute to respawn you’re definitely playing the game wrong.

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I’m in a higher tier than you, and what?

When you are respawning it is easy to take 1-2 turrets down with 2 enemies at once …

If you and your teammates cant push I don’t care what your tier is you are not that good. It’s just a fact that you can push easily in this game and an ace isn’t even required just having the enemy team be down by two men can give you an easy push. With minion candy and armory buff and with majority of the characters having weak clear it makes it easy to push.

I don’t much care for this sentence. There are many ways to offer constructive criticism, and this is not one of those ways. How about editing your post to remove the “I’m better than you” implication?


Well what do I say then? If you can not push in this game then you are not good. I don’t know how you want me to rephrase it but if you feel I’m being to harsh and you do not know how to rephrase it either then just hide my post or remove it. Or tell me to do it idc.

in one of my games enemy snowballed us with no utility roam flicker
he build damage so he was able to poke the mid lane with the mid laner so they both poked me to death and controlled the vision in the mid lane , so we had 2 lanes getting pushed hard and we got snowballed , its hard for me a soloq player to counter this flicker who is probably in a trio or duo , soloq players are suffering , like in 3v3 i lost all of my matches because of getting duoq enemies the whole time against my dumb soloq teammates , i won one game with a duo q players.

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I’m actually lost in the discussion I was literally talking about how games are not one-sided and they are always winnable. I don’t know why you’re talking about turrets but ok. I’m glad you’re saying the most agreeable thing to be ever said in any MOBA forum!


3v3, yes. 5v5, no. I had a couple of matches that were full of comebacks recently, like today recently.

It isn’t like the game can do anything about the first part. It’s the players’ faults for making smurf accounts to show off high WR. I don’t smurf and I tried doing it like twice but it was very boring and VG is pretty anti-smurf anyways unlike DOTA (where I think all heroes are free straight off the bat.) The second one happens during offtimes or full parties.

This isn’t possible unless your team is down. If that is true then the enemy deserves a turret or two. Its called winning and comebacks should be based on recognizing mistakes that are being made and taking advantage of the situation. If they aren’t making mistakes or you aren’t able to see them then, of course, they deserve the win. There is this one player who is probably one of the best in my server and when she plays mid or top she invades enemy red in the nastiest way possible and even gets a few kills from doing so. Now I remember what she does and I prioritize what I need to do, stop invading and take my red instead.

I’d literally ping my teammates to come over or ping them to take their lane turret. Once again not a problem with VG but instead: us. AND BTW I’ll tell you a little secret. I’ve seen a couple of players doing this right now but I think its such a beautiful strategy. Have the top laner stay with the mid laner in your side blue to somewhat secure and have the bot, jungler, and captain 100% secure blue from the enemy side. And enemies don’t get more than what they usually get in the top lane. Or try to make some smart rotations to enemy red. Thats how you control 3/4 of the jungle in a match. Top lane is hard but Adagio eases the pain a lot from what I can see.

I somewhat wrote a couple of paragraphs about that. If I were to go to add some new mechanics, I would specifically target the top healing treant and make it so it leashes under turret so the player can then safely take it. As of now the only hero that is able to do that perfectly is SAW.

This wasn’t targeted to you directly but was written more generally for everyone. I guess.


The guy plays VG silver, I’m fairly certain your not playing tiers 9/10 so you might like to reconsider the “I’m better than you” approach to an argument.


I’m only t9 gold and everyone knows visual rank doesn’t matter.