On another losing streak after almost making it to VG



just buy ranks in the rng chest mloa :joy_cat:

better luck next time :kissing_cat:

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2369 and I get a troll who sells everything and a top lane rona… -14 for a double afk who are worse than afk because they feed… No kills and +12 deaths… Enemy team full VG party -1 and we get poas and trolling losers…

And if I don’t get a troll I get a freaking Vainglorious Gold smurf as my enemy who solo carries his entire team twice in a row…

Trolling should be a week long ban…
Smurfing should ban both accounts…

Ranked is a cesspool…

I took more damage items after reza gave up… Rona was 0/4 early game I was 2/0…


Most of my games I lose because of teammate/teammates/ or a smurf. I am not perfect, I do make mistakes, but I am not overextending in my statement either. That’s why I preferred the times when I was competitive in quake 3/quake live duel - was counting only on me and was only me to blame for my lose (or admire enemy skill). As I am competitive type of a person, I really try to win most of the time and it’s super frustrating when I got f noobs and trolls in my team while the enemy don’t get one and/or I got a smurf. The worse part is that I mostly fill = I am captain and can’t do enough vs a smurf when my team DON’T do any dmg, position badly, feed, can’t hold their lanes for 2 seconds alone, etc.

Rarely I bump into great players in both teams and it’s a pleasure to play, mostly tho the game is filled with trolling kids, total noobs that literally are weaker than me when I was t6 from draft to mechanical skill to common sense of objective taking, or VG gold smurf that obv have some sort of ego problem to create smurfs to beat easily players way below his own skill. Also saw a lot of times the new trend - duoq smurfs, oh this one is a good one. Frequently carry + captain or carry + jungler that stick together and can go 2vs5 and win.

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We should play together lol…
I can’t stand trolls… That match was thrown by two players. The rona instalocked and never ever communicated not in chat/draft nor in game… No asking for help nothing.
Reza was pissed over me taking Grace over Ardan.
I could have taken a more traditional captain build but the enemy team went defenseless so my tb SSw did a ton of damage but I had no back up.

Rona died 1v2 where I went 1v2 with a kill several times… Coming out alive too…

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Grace is frequently underestimated as a captain and also it’s priceless when I see people get pissed off when grace builds CP. Where should I start? The ok ability scaling? Nope, what about - the stronger barrier of A and C? The passive dmg reduction increasing on grace with CP? The stronger slow on her perk? The stronger healing and shielding on the healed target + grace herself? When I see someone to get angry on grace building CP, it’s obvious we got someone who is not t10 worthy as in that tier you have to ATLEAST know such a basic thing about a hero.

Also in that regard, a lot of players don’t know that grace is aggressive captain and team needs to follow. It’s pure absurd for a grace to dive and team to not follow in the same time to use her shielding to mitigate the enemy burst while dealing yours. Diving 2 seconds later when the shielding wears off is $$$. :slight_smile:

Edit: also TB SSw grace is common build, especially into squishies for a snowballing or more pressure.

I know it is common and decent. But many people frown upon not building full captain so I explained why.

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I’m never gonna reach VG silver because I either run into POA players and get 1 ELO or lose against them because my allies want to play bOt lane and leave me with top or captain and then we lose and I lose 8 points. I’ve practically made a name for myself in silver SO JUST LET ME GET THERE

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I feel the same for VG Bronze…

most of the silvers are playing with a party/friends (atleast duoq). Soloq is almost impossible to get there if you are not actually VG gold material, i.e. one of the best of the best in the region. Almost like 99% of the time I bump in VG silver, it’s duoq with a friend. That way if one is forced to roam, the other will be a carry supported exclusively.

And I now get allies who all want to surrender after a single Ace…

-11 without actually losing… People who surrender should deinstall…

Stuck at 2300+ never hitting 2400 because I get crap like this. My wins get nullified by these people…

I “lost” a game today because of surrender. We were destroying them (yes without the afk). And the second the ally left announcement was on they surrendered without my vote having power. When we got match end screen they all saw enemy team had an afk as well…


I detest, abhor, gutwrenchingly hate the surrender without consent “feature”.


Agreed. Absolutely one of the worst changes to gameplay ever.

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Oof After like 3 years, I only recently got VG.

3 times in the past I was legit 1 elo away and then MM gets a brain fart. what a meme.

When you’re close, triple or duo q.

You guys should go post on the Reddit Sonata thread and see if you get a (decent) response.

I feel that what you describe is replicated throughout the ranks and that the more examples they have the better

Vg gold on my team. Dodge
Vg gold on my team dodge
Vg gold on my team dodge
Vg gold on enemy side game continues and we get smashed…

Why do we even play this crap?

Reddit is garbage… It is a giant mess that is very hard to navigate or read…

I don’t understand why anyone would use it…

I hate reddit for those exact reasons. But there’s no denying that dev interaction is much higher.

Reddit is a terrible platform for communication and – as a result of its very design – promotes groupthink and discourages dissent from the majority opinion.

It’s mind-boggling that SEMC sees it as their primary way of interacting with their community.

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