On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you express your hatred and frustration to SEMC actions?

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Nothing bothers me anymore. i have achieved ultimate level of tolerance.



i learned not to care anymore


I don’t even have the game on my devices anymore. My apathy is boundless.


I want to state that my heart is still very much in Vainglory, to the core. I’ve been with this game for so long that a part of me still wholly resonates with it, but, the sheer uncertainty of where the game is going bothers me. It feels as if the creators of the game are at a crossroad between what their ideas were, and what they are now, and though I may be very wrong, I also feel this shows in their recent work.

I don’t think they’re doing terribly. I like to make snide jokes about the state of the game in passing humor (which are dipped in some truths), and though I’ve ceased to enjoy Vainglory in the same fashion I used to, I do still hold a fair amount of hope that not all is lost, and that I’m just bearing witness to a very strung-out, hungover period of positive growth, and/or change for the better.


But it’s funny to watch this shitshow go down.


0 the number of … we give about it


It’s not the number 10 here hurts me but 0 is the number that hurts me since it shows that people just give up on SEMC and don’t care anymore.


I wouldn’t call 0 giving up on SEMC. Being numb to their actions or decisions does not reflect the support some of us may have for SEMCs future, and/or Vainglory itself.

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i dont care bc i play the game to enjoy. i did not give up on semc. but overreacting won’t solve anything. i’ll still continue to play vg, voice my opinions until semc makes the game unplayable in some way. if i keep getting mad at all their mistakes, i won’t be able to play vg for fun.


You are right but ranting so much won’t work to be honest. That ain’t productive.

LE reselling turned to SE because of our complaints. are you sure ranting doesnt help?


It used to work but no longer now. We complaint about the blueprint system, nothing happened. UI, the same.

I wish it was 0, but I play this game close to exclusively in a party for a reason.
So yes. 10. 10 for this and all the other things SEMC has pulled over the years. The last thing they added that I fully enjoyed 100% and thought was a good addition to the game is Blackfeather, and not only am I incredibly biased when I say that, but they him over time, so now nobody enjoys him.

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hey, we’ve just heard they’re adding Voice chat and ranked rewards, which are both much-requested features. I just wish they’d listen to the more important stuff and focus on bug fixes.

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  1. They seem like they’re really trying to listen to us and what we want, but at the same time they’ve dropped the ball on a lot of things. I like that they’re implementing better communication and mobility for everyone, but imo they should have fixed all the bugs and serious game-changing mistakes that exist (tap bugs, ability bugs, Idris, etc). It’s gotten frustrating these past few patches while SEMC is making QOL changes, but not fixing the basic, essential game.

8, they’re not doing themselves literally any favors with any of the major decisions they’re making. They’re just frustrating us all with more ways to pay money to the company we no longer support the decisions of.

  1. I used to obsessively play VG before the 2.0 update aka the start of the shitshow.
    I know they are grasping at what is essentially smoke, which is the only reason why I am not giving them a ten.
    I just hate hypocrites and people who back down on promises. I know semc is a business, but if your main slogan is backed up by not having crappy joystick controls, it makes more of a mess when you back out and nobody likes that.

Did I miss something? What did they do?

I think it’s a lot of things they’ve done that didn’t sit well with people rising back to the surface with the new joystick option. Change and uncertainty is making people uneasy and frustrated.

why would i hate semc? it’s a free game. i never feel cheated because i never use ice i purchased for shady box or gambling chest…

nah i feel cheated once because the rose trail animation from the skin i purchase is removed… while the advertised skin include the rose trail animation…

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