Omg finally


On August 30th, 2018 9:55pm Central Time using Baron, I have finally legitimately reached VG. It’s a dream come true!!!


Congrats , Iam curious about the hardest sub tier in poa for you ? Did you stuck longer on gold more than silver or bronze ? .


Yeah gold was the longest for me overall



vg silver is next step. hope you dedicated enough to go there…, where most people give up


Lost a game yesterday to you due to horrible 450 ping.


Oof that sucks. gg tho. I never see any Takas in ranked ever, so your pick was pretty surprising lol


Bored with playing the same heroes all the time. Throw pick in a throw game. Vacation internet is garbage. Congrats on VG.


Congratulations buddy. I wish you much good play there.


Meanwhile I just got to PoA bronze 5v5’s through solo queue. Pray for me, the real frustration starts here on my journey to VG :frowning:


Congrats! I bet you were perma stuck in t9 g am I right?


Pretty much ye. I was close to VG sooo many times lol


Congrats! Getting to VG now isnt as big a deal as it was a year back but still niceee!