Oldskool's hero ratings


When I was ranking up my smurf I had no loss until hotness. Even then I was playing a hero that couldn’t carry. Next loss was in PoA because people there think they’re gods. Anyway at VG I had like 3 losses. Yes in 5v5. No I am not a pro player.

You really should adapt if you want to rank up instead of going against literally everyone that’s been there and tries to give you tips.


Oh come on. I just had a game where our celeste jungled and we only won because our kinetic was doing work. Is that my fault? My game before that, our ringo was so terrible at map awareness that he died 14 times. How is that on me? I got an Adagio that spent all game in enemy camp? What am I supposed to do? The pinnacle of tilted was me running to all 3 lanes ALL game as Reza just to hear ‘Allied Hero Killed’ every 2 seconds. I went 9/1/7 or something. How is it still my fault? What else am I supposed to do? This is kinda off topic so I don’t wanna go on about it but how is people jungling all game my fault? Why do I have to run to all 3 lanes if I pick jungle like what is it that I personally am doing so wrong if I’m almost always positive! I never said I win all the time I said I’m always carrying my team win or lose and it’s gotten to the point I can just telegraph who is going to die or get a kill with accuracy. I literally just had 2-3 games back to back with t9’s too like why do you swear I’m making this up. Look at how often I get mvp on vg pro even though my win rate is terrible. Look at how many of my LOSSES have mvp. Come on man. I mean down to even being in lobby. We had a perfect set up for a cath. I think at least 2 people on the team wanted cath. The last person picks lyra and we had to work EXTRA hard for our win. How is that on me? Like How do I make up for teamates who don’t wanna recall to heal after I save them from dying not once but TWICE in the span of a minute. I don’t know what else to do! Like who face checks the whole enemy jungle! Not me. Who dives a captain under their own turret at 3 minutes? Not me! Who steals the junglers gold just to let their turret get taken? This is what I go through on a daily basis of teamates just doing bat **** stupid stuff and you guys are saying it’s somehow still something I’m doing wrong? Come on.

More on topic I just hate hero rankings because I hate the culture that’s grown out of it. Like I’m tired of people babysitting my lane because i’m cp saw just to die anyway and have their lane taken, I’m tired of getting pinged to come join somebody under enemy turret in their death. No I will not teamfight with you if you’re just waltzing under turrets like superman. Like how, please tell me how almost all my games I have like barely any deaths, the most kills, mvp, the highest cs, and yet I, ME, am the one contributing to my losses. It makes no sense whatsoever. Like I had to watch this Adagio ping my whole team into enemy jungle instead of just waiting in the bush. My whole team died listening to that idiot but somehow it’s my fault for not running into 5 enemies by myself?


Hero rankings are necessary, when someone wants to win, which heroes would choose? The best ones, and some heroes are better than others, this is a fact.

Stop blaming your teammates, as far as I see in your VGPro, you are not out of blame. Kills are not all you should care about in a match, taking objectives is what gives you the win. The MVP system is questionable, and again, I don’t see so many MVP as you claim to have.


Yes true. It’s not the hero rankings itself that get to me it’s just how everyone thinks they know what is best nowadays and the babysitting culture is terrible for off meta players. Speaking of objectives, I’m usually the only one that even gets my enemy turrets or puts a cam on the objective! I watch people try to solo blackclaw while the whole enemy team is off respawn and missing! I think I got a right to blame an ozo who thinks he’s so super pro he can take on 4 people who are RANGED heroes AND the captain by himself. I think I can blame that ringo that jungled all game just to die 14 times. Come on man like, I really gotta start recording this stuff because it’s really not me MOST of the time. Out of all my games recently only in 1 where I played as Reim in mid did I not do well. Every other game I’ve been spending the whole match making up for pointless behaviors that my teamates seem to think work because they watched a pro do it and think they know when and where to do it too. And on the subject, everyone plays like it’s blitz nowadays. Nobody has patience in ranked anymore and its tilting. I’m tilted. These are factual assessments from multiple games over the last few months.


You shouldn’t be going off meta in ranked if you want to climb.

Honestly, with a 46% win rate I don’t believe it’s always your team mates fault. I’ve had bad team too, but even then while sometimes it’s literally impossible to win there is always something I could have done better.


It’s low tier what do you expect from those people? You really think the entire system is trying to find the most useless players to throw them in your team just so you could not climb? If you get those players so does the enemy. Why are you trying to win all lanes at once? You like stats apparently because that’s how you give example (though people who checked don’t see what you mean) so why don’t you see the other type of stats? Countless people who have been low tier before and are now in higher tiers are telling you the same thing yet you think all of them are wrong, the entire match maker is against you and you’re the only one that’s correct. Don’t you think that’s a bit ridiculous? I think as long as you don’t adapt and face reality you wouldn’t climb. There’s a reason why people got put of low tiers and they have a point when they give you tips.


Trust me if you saw how badly my teamates do half the time. I mean just look at their scores. All negative. All the time. I don’t wanna player shame but like 1 kill and 14 deaths? And I play off meta because I know how to. Again, look at those teamates scores if you doubt how bad it is man! But again let’s just drop it I don’t wanna go on about it.

@Bobmax are you seriously telling me you look at my overall k/d and you look at my teamates k/d’s and you still think it’s me? I don’t think everybody is wrong I just know what I gotta sit through in 80% of my matches because I’m the one playing them and I don’t think you can really disagree with my WHOLE TEAM going negative except me in most of my matches.


Thats a mistake: KDA isn’t everything.

Last skaarf match: 4.5 KDA, seems good? Look at the damage. You Vox had twice as much damage.

Skye: 7 KDA, your damage: 12k, your bot laner had 58k

Even with the highest damage output heroes your damage is mediocre, which tells me that probably your participation in teamfight is nonexistent.
Then let’s look at the gold. With skaarf you had the same gold as a 2/7/7 ozo, which is quite bad, less than your roam. With Skye you were the player with the least gold, even less than those “stupid” players. See? It’s not all about KDA, there are other things.


But damage isn’t everything either! That game as skaarf I did bad too, I forgot about that, but again, example of the in game experience: that vox abandoned mid lane ALLL GAME. He was doing dmg but not where it counted because he couldn’t even stop one idiris from ganking our crystal. OH AND THAT GAME I stopped 3 enemy pushes and me and saw killed 4 people by OURSELVES. Don’t compare me to that vox he was so useless you have no idea. I don’t do dmg a lot because I don’t rush kills, i try to get kills that count and actually hold my turret. This is what I mean, you can’t know this kinda stuff unless you see the actual game and that Vox was a perfect example because he was SOOO useless even if he did dmg. He abandoned mid at like 4 min and respawned at base without even clearing his wave! They all left me at top the WHOLE GAME and expected me to come help in teamfights like come on man. And OH BOY that game as skye they had more gold because they spent ALL. GAME. JUNGLING. JUST TO TRICKLE IN TO THE ENEMY TEAM ONE. BY. ONE. AND DIE. I’m trying to tell you it’s really not me. But if you don’t believe me I just wanna drop it. I mean my k/d is almost consistently double my deaths and it’s like you guys are finding the one thing you can to prove it’s me and it’s not. I mean a 2/1/3 ratio on most of my heroes means I’m not contributing in team fights? No offense but are we looking at the same scores? Do you see how many assists I rack up on off meta heroes? Come on. I wanna drop it now. This was about hero ratings and I just disagree with some of them. That’s where I wanna leave it.


I agree, but it gives some valuable information. With that damage and the gold I can assume that you mostly last hit kills, it your contribution in fights is 0. Gold wins games: gold = items = objectives = win. You lacked damage in a teamfight due to the lack of items because of the lack of gold.

Idris hard counters Vox, asking him to beat an idris doesn’t make sense.

Rushing kills =/= damage.

Yet they all had more damage then you, which doesn’t take into account farming. That means they they’ve been fighting.

Edit: I agree this is off topic, better drop it now. Sorry OP. @Moose you may want to move this posts.


Again. Wrong. I usually solo my kills since I dont like team clutter and i usually get them off. I’m usually the only one who actually doesn’t get his turret taken. Again wrong I usually do well regardless of how much gold I have because of strategy and timing. I really do usually carry my team or else vg pro wouldn’t be giving me mvp in so many matches come. On dude.

The idris wasn’t even attacking him! He was attacking our crystal and Vox just had to push him back and he did NO DMG to him! Just quit after me and saw just killed 4 out of 5 enemies. They had more damage because they were trying to kill enemies instead of take objectives oh my gosh. Look lets just let it be. I don’t think the thread has to be closed but let’s just let it be.

Annnd I just walked into a game where they dodged draft simply because they didn’t get magnus and enemy team had 2 junglers. Mind you we had range, wp, cc, and ALL. The enemy had all closer ranged heroes and we had churn and they still dodged all because evverybody thinks they know what’s best. I rest my case. People dodged because they saw some junglers and a phinn. Into varya churnwalker and freaking baptiste. I cannot be more tilted right now.


Damage shows a lot and is one of the most important things mainly for the mid and bot laners. I don’t see you get all those MVPs you’re talking about. But I do see you consistently get outdamaged by your support. Even as mid lane Skaarf and Celeste. That’s just unacceptable for a good game. You can’t be outdamaged by your team when you play those heroes. And you get outdamaged by your support. Yes support. That means your team is probably always fighting while outnumbered. How do you expect them not to die? I mean sure it is possible to avoid most fights but that’s low elo. Even in VG when someone only farms it’s hard to deal with it as you expect help. Of course you wouldn’t be feeding if you don’t fight. But that doesn’t win you games. You build eve on every single hero. That’s just downright useless most of the time.

You say your teammates are useless and “prove” it with stats from VGpro but the stats show otherwise and suddenly you say it doesn’t matter. No, it does matter.

I mean… That’s what top laner is supposed to do though…?

Many times it’s better to let your turret be taken to win a trade. If you only stick to your lane and farm which judging by your replies is probably the case that’s wrong. Yes you will have turrets and you won’t have deaths but you won’t win as it shows clearly.

I think you’re the only one who sees those MVPs though.

Not always, but yes you are a big part of it. As we said before you do no damage. It shows a lot more than KDA.

But it’s not always your team. Most of the time it’s you.

Here’s stats from my account when I was climbing to VG:

This was new account. Had less than half of the heroes. And most importantly I played my least favorite position while climbing.

Here’s your overall stats from this season:

You are playing for years so I guess you have all heroes for draft. What’s the difference? I was playing with low tiers just like you. Then with a bit higher and there’s VG games too on that account. You play mostly against low tiers except for when match maker does some weird match up yet look at the difference. I am not a pro player. I didn’t even play much at that time. Like generally I don’t like 5v5 that much to be so invested. Yet it was so easy to win in low tiers. Done multiple times so it’s not luck. Others have told you the same thing. If you still believe it’s only your team and you shouldn’t change anything in your gameplay I don’t think you’d be climbing anytime soon. Again, just trying to help you but you can’t help someone who doesn’t wanna be helped.


Dude I just had a game with a malene who did lots of damage and got herself killed once again because super pro malene doesn’t need team support ever. Again, i pick when to gank and i usually hold my lane the longest while everyone is going for the kills. And yes my team is usually outnumbered because someone wants to be super pro and run off chasing a kill and dies in the process! I expect people to learn what retreat means instead of run into the death just to do more - wait for it -DAMAGE. How does my whole team going negative NOT prove they’re not doing well? Whaat?

And no. Top laner isn’t supposed to be abandoned ALL GAME EVEN WHILE 3 PEOPLE WERE PUSHING ON ME AND BOT WAS CLEAR.

And whaat once ur turret is taken enemy can group up in a different lane! It’s absolutely imperative to keep your turret to force enemies to split up so they can’t team gank you! I don’t stick to my lane. I’m forced to roam EVERY WHERE no matter WHAT I pick because of people all jungling ALL GAME and I already said that! Come on dude. And are you kidding me I get mvp all the time I had a string of losses recently but almost every win I get mvp like really? Just drop it man.

Like I just had to watch my whole team ignore dragon after I pinged we needed vision on it for 2 straight minutes while I ALSO cleared 2 lanes of minions AND saved my teamate from dying AND put vision on ghostwing and what was the babysitting malene doing? Running after kills while minions stormed our base, running under turrets to not even get the kills. What was my score? 0/2/1. What was hers? 2/6/? Just drop it man. Please. I’m tilted enough.


Specially when combined with the gold stats.


I have a 78% WR on mid CP Lyra in 2300 elo and I would rather have a good Celeste on my team than a good Lyra lol.

Lyra scales poorly early to mid. Celeste, on the other hand, scales well throughout all phases of the game, farms faster, has better team fighting capability (mainly due to her extensive battery of AoE skills which enables her to whittle down the entire enemy composition as the “sizing each other up” pre-team fight phase progresses), and has built-in vision.



This is probably one of the worst patches. At least in 3.8 it was utility jg and anything top, now its nothing top and anything jungle. Health buff makes it a pain to take jungle camps solo which is ironic because the jungler is supposed to be solo but in reality isn’t.


When this patch first came out I was thinking that those balance changes were good overall (with the exception of captains ones), but each day my mind move from “good balance” to “even worse than before”, and now I think is one of the worst patches I’ve ever seen in VG


Because at first players play how they think it should (and somewhat hope it should), but then find the optimal way to play it for the win… be it triple tank, everyone in the jungle or this now. :slight_smile:


Triple tank was at least kind of fun for the top laner lol. Being able to 2v1 with Lance and GJ.