Oldskool's hero ratings


Yes i am terrified by brutal t6 skills pls have some mercy on me


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@TadashiN I would love to 1v1 too! I wish it were easier to switch regions back and forth. I remember the days when online games had like 2 servers and you’d end up playing and meeting people all over the world. Much rarer due to region restrictions nowadays.


Who is your main? Just curious hehe


If i give you an Eu account can you play now ?


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@Veritas Thanks! I try to make good posts from time to time.


@Inktomi I don’t mind if they add an audio que when she casts her A. Though, I don’t think it is sufficient because in hectic team fights, it’s easy to tune out most audio input. I know I tune out a lot of the audio stuff at times. There’s also cases of players that play without audio. How will they know the stun is coming? But that’s mainly a niche problem.


Well I kinda don’t have a main now. I’ve been experimenting with more heroes lately. In the past it was skaarf and cp saw, and Reza. I guess Varya now. I like to stay nice and safe while I pummel people. Lol @Sandiha i fell asleep but yeah if you give me an account i’ll play you on it


Only one question, why CW instead of supercam on the captains for energy/cooldown?


i am off to vacation hit me up in a week


I consider Clockwork over Scoutcam 2000 mostly because what I have experience and seen from other people’s matches as well as vgpro builds.

Scoutcam 2000 is very useful as vision is indispensable. But!

In lower tiers, vision is at most is used sparsely early game and declines in use towards the late game aside from using them as spot checks at the usual hot spots.

Picking up Scoutcam 2000 is ok in these tiers, but I feel that the item rarely gets used to its full potential. Mainly because understanding of vision is not as prominent.

In the higher tiers, vision is (and should be) understood well. At the same time, because of how spread a team is across the map, it is usually easy to predict enemy movements through coordination, communication and peeking at the mini map every now and then.

At best, Captains would probably pick up at least a Flare Loader because it lets them check and eliminate opposing Scout Cams without expending their own Scout Cams. This is probably one of the reasons why Flare Loader shows up on one or two sets of builds for Captains on vgpro.

In my own experience, rushing a Scoutcam 2000 usually leaves me feeling a bit wasteful. I use my vision decently but not perfectly. By late game, I usually forget I have Scout Cams and Flares available and just work with what I see on the mini map.

Another reason why I think Scoutcam 2000 is rarely pick is because Flicker’s presence in the meta. He can clear Scout Cams pretty easily on his own and even faster and more efficiently when his team mates help him. A Flare Loader is much easier to use to scout him out rather than use a Scout Cam which is most certainly going to get eliminated once he sees it drop.

With consideration to the points I’ve made, Clockwork to me has much more value for players of regular skill level. Unlike pros, regular players usually burn through their energy reserves more quickly and don’t usually manage their cooldowns efficiently.

Clockwork remedies a lot of those problems through its passive effect and the stats it gives. Not only that, it gives a bit of damage that can at times make a difference between securing a kill or missing out on it just by a sliver.

But that’s just my view on it anyway.

Hope this helps.


Clockwork is epic on captains and funny enough, it’s also better on some wp heroes. Tony with clockwork is fun times indeedy. @Sandiha hey whenever you’re down man. We can do a private but I really have to warn you I carry 80% of my games. No trash talk it’s real. I have pro stats for my tier so that should say something. But we won’t know until we duel!


Heroes should be balanced around top tiers. How can you have balance when you balance around people that don’t understand the potential of heroes? I didn’t say heroes can be good at all tiers simultaneously. I said that all heroes should be viable at high tiers. And of course high skill floor heroes wouldn’t be viable in low tiers generally. You can’t make a hero be just a noob-stomper. That’s unfun for everyone.


This one, she is one of the best mid laners right now.


Sweetie, what crack are you on? Celeste is one of the best midlaner?

She is below lorelai, skaarf, lyra and Varya.


I disagree with Varya being better than Celeste.

Semc decided to change to put most of Varyas power back into her AoE instead of single target.


From all those, only Skaarf may be better than Celeste.


Well maybe for you, but my experience when climbing to to VG… lorelai, lyra and even skaarf easily kills celeste in late game. Dragon eye easily eliminates huge chunk of health.

Not just one match but plenty.

Lorelai, A + fish eating, B to slow her down and basic attack

Lyra, A, let it slowly eats her health while you AA her and detonate her to oblivion. And and lyra has huge range in her A too.

Skaarf. I don’t play him but my team skaarf easily kills celeste.

So in my opinion celeste is weaker.


Killing =/= better. Does it means that all counters are better than those who counter? Krul can kill yates, so krul must be better.

That Celeste must be horrible to allow you to be in AA range.

Celeste must be horrible to not move.

The damage you can do detonating your A it’s the same as a single nova hit, not even supernova.

So does Celeste lol.

Celeste counters Lyra. Do not quote me on this, I won’t argue about this.

Your experience of one player climbing to VG vs all VG silver and gold players experience, who should I credit? Hum… difficult decision.


There’s no doubt that a well played Celeste is among the most formiddable mid-laners. Not sure there is an argument against it. Skaarf and Celeste are tought to beat.