Oldskool's hero ratings


Dude i was hard stuck at tier 4 a month ago playing with rank 8-9 and you really gotta stop basing your opinions of me on my tier. You’ve yet to play me. You have no idea. And this is why I can’t respond to you like jeez SOOO negative ALL the time. Anyway. I disagree. Is what it is. Doesn’t have to be a fight.


That win rate is for t9 and above, people there know how to use skill shot heroes. The problem is that they nerfed him hard enough to make his win rate drop a 10%. He is now one of the weakest heroes. Why play him when all mages do his job far better?


I am not fighting you, i would give some credit but the points you made are as incorrect as it gets. Like i said i am not gonna get into this again, you do you.


Thats legit so annoying. I ranked up to t10 many times and I let my rank decay to t8 since there’s nothing cool about being t10 and the amount of people who judge off of rank…



Well I don’t agree with that premise. He has a delayed aoe ability that doesn’t need a lot of set up, he has a really easy way of getting out of most conflicts, he has a ton of range, and his ult can put the hurt on a wide area. No other mage has his kit so I can’t agree that they do his job. Problem with baron is people are always trying to kill with him when he’s a lane pusher like saw. He’s really not meant for killing. I always get eve and spellfire first with him because popping off that mortal wound and healing myself from minion clears has been way more effective than going for a kill. Not to mention everyone says his wave clear is so bad but I don’t struggle after like…3-4 mins? It’s not baron that’s bad. In my opinion. In fact i’ll play a game and try to get some good baron play on record. It’ll be cas so don’t expect much but it’ll show how I play him. But i can’t understate: he is not a killer until late game. He is a lane pusher from lvl 1-8 which is most of the game.


You’re tier 10 technically… and its the other way around i am annoyed by those who are annoyed of being judged based on their skill tier.


Dude can we just play each other already? Are you NA? Europe right?


I play on Eu. 3030303030303030


Lol bout to have me switch regions. I gotta show you how good I am lol. You’ve set it in stone: one day we will face off. Hopefully :wink:


In order to face off you would have to get close to my mmr.


Just 1v1 fatties. And video it too. I wanna spectate


If it’s in EU I can spectate :slight_smile:


I am down has to be after the 4th of januray, just hit me up


I am in SEA sadly… so video is a NEED @Sandiha


Lmao we’ll figure a day and a time. Omg I’m gonna enjoy this if you’re down @Sandiha. Just a warning: I play brutally and tactically. My whole goal is just to wreck so…don’t mind if I taunt you when you die :smile:


You should chnage to SEA too… i would love to 1v1


Sorry to burst you bubble, but skins don’t give any benefits to Sunlight anymore.

Here’s the statement for it: https://www.vainglorygame.com/news/3-9-winter-battle-pass-staying-lit/


Oh they don’t but still pushing lorelai to top tier and buff still doesn’t change the fact that it will make more people interested to learn her due to high damage buff and barrier. And I just have a feel that her skin will come out soon which might push people to get lorelai once they get used to her playstyle…


In my opinion, Lorelai is going through the normal life cycle of heroes - the stage I call “Limelight for Me!”

I think all but Ozo had had this stage.

You could consider Inara too, but she’s too new and came out balanced imo. Maybe she’ll get her time once they decide to buff her.


I think Ozo is op but I don’t recall which patch. But he is easily countered by lyra B or Cath A.