Oldskool's hero ratings

I don’t think Kestrel is balanced.
Energy changes+dmg nerf made her a second rate squishy assassin who is completely outshone by newer heroes. Her only redeeming feature is her early game damage, but she falls off hard and has litte effectiveness after the enemy gets vision, defense or ccs you.


I don’t understand the Vox one: overpowered design, broken kit. What’s the difference? I agree with most: IMO idris is op, Magnus is clearly op, Skaarf op (as Celeste) and Koshka UP, but not bad (bad is worse than UP).

I’ve been playing since just before this season started and yeah it seems like a lack of coordinating on the opposing team is what leads to me steamrolling right now. I’ve tried Magnus and Celeste and I just seem to perform better with Samuel even though I feel more comfortable with Magnus.

Most of the heros that AS is a core part in their build are bad not up

Nah Koshka isnt underpowered, underpowered means a buff would make her viable which isnt the case Koshka needs an almighty buff to be viable. The camping bot lane meta makes koshka basically useless.

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VGPro is updated!!!
Magnus: 47% win rate! He seems weak lol. Baron is dead.

My guess is that’s first week data. There is no hero screen for him. Also, how many people just bought him with glory and have little experience. Let’s see where that number is in one more week.

It’s been a week since he was available with glory though.

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So you play for like 1-2 months? Even less potentially? Damn that’s really short time and you’re already hotness. You’re doing pretty well.

Well that same logic would imply that Anka is weak which isnt the case right ?

:joy: anka is only “overpowered” because the rest of the assassins are incredibly underpowered. Anka can’t 1 v 3 anymore.

If you want something overpowered, look at magnus. I fought magnus full health with a celestial shroud, and with 1 A and 1 ult he instantly killed me. That’s what you call broken.


Lol Taka is competing for lowest win rate with past-released Reza :ringo:

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I’ve played other MOBAs and I used to log into VG and get the chests but that was mostly it. I came back to try 5v5 when I got an invite to test it and then left after that. I came back just before the Magnus patch and started to play the game more consistently. I’m hoping to get to rank 9 this season with an outside shot of 10. I just hit Rank 7 Silver and then just won my next game in it. I play a lot on weekends and I am hoping to hit 8 this weekend.

I’ve played one match of Reim, on Skaarf, and the rest have been mostly Magnus and Samuel. 53% win rate on Magnus but Samuel is around 75% now. Just tried Celeste and my team won but I still didn’t feel strong. I went like 4-0-7 but I could have been in team fights more. I felt like she runs slow despite my boots lol

Yeah, I’ve seen other people doing really really good based on previous MOBA experience but still it’s pretty good rank considering your time playing it.

You mean something like this? Honestly the best penta I’ve ever had.

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Ruins the game. Honestly, even with captain buffs, I let enemy drafter ban caps they are scared of. I ban magnus and Kinetic. I just think they’re so OP and broken when played by the right people, and I don’t trust my teammates ha.

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He still needs to go down a lot more in both win rate and pick rate.

Along those lines, it’s probably a good thing if certain heroes are great at low tiers but drop off at higher tiers. Any game needs things that a new player can do and be successful at, which might not be optimal later in the game. In VG, heroes like SAW, Krul, Alpha, Ringo, and Taka simply murder low tier players, but anyone from about tier 6 and up knows heir tricks and beats hem handily. That’s fine. A brand new player can pick SAW and feel some success, and even occasionally beat more experienced opponents, but he’s not going to be their best choice later. It might even be a good idea to put it in the character descriptions; “Powerful against less-experienced adversaries, but weak against more experienced opponents.”

So when we’re looking at a list of which heroes are underpowered or overpowered, it’s fine is a few heroes who are simple to learn and easy to succeed with in low tiers are underpowered or bad in higher tiers. What’s not fine is when a hero is underpowered in every tier.

But I think every hero should be viable at high tiers. Of course not always, my point is that should be the goal of balance. It’s pretty dumb that some heroes are left to be completely useless because low tiers struggle against them. Then change the heroes in some other ways not just numbers. You can’t just leave the hero to be forgotten. You can always try and improve but if you’re already experienced and good you can’t force yourself to be bad to use the hero.


Totally balanced. :smiley: :sweat_smile: