Oldskool's hero ratings


You’re saying some things but nothing is related to what I said. I’m not saying it’s not true but it’s completely unrelated. No matter if crucible has 45 70 10 or 100 CD it won’t change Lorelai’s B for example. That’s what I’m saying. I am NOT saying Lorelai and Yates are balanced. I think I made that pretty clear.

Adagio is viable yeah, not really OP at all though. Phinn is really good but again not top meta. Nobody bans Phinn though. Only if you’re throwing bans to get powerpicks but even then people ban other heroes. Now before this block change when was the last time Phinn landed a hook without being blocked? Not even gonna ask about Adagio, I don’t think Verse lands even in hotness. That’s why I like this change. It actually might change a fight and a lot.

People complain roams don’t have impact and aren’t fun to play. When they are people want them destroyed. Yes they do need to be toned down but if you do all that they’re gonna be useless.


You’re forgetting that people will ALWAYS complain.


The only ones doing that were roam mains that always want more, even last update they wanted more when roam was already the strongest class by far eating 3 of the 4 bans.


No no I am talking about some time ago. Even before 5v5. When no one wanted to play roam. The position was so boring. Everyone wants a roam but doesn’t wanna play it. People actually started liking the role when Lance released. Then Lyra was even more popular. Grace was also a good one. People like when they have impact. If you have roams like 2 years ago where you’re full HP with crucible atlas and fountain and still can’t beat a 1 HP Ringo people don’t like it. If you remove their early damage and nerf their CC who would enjoy playing them besides hardcore roam mains? Yes, again some are way too strong now but not all of them and they don’t need those nerf everything type of nerfs.


I don’t want those nerfs, I want in general a damage reduction to some heroes. Yates and maybe phin need a damage reduction. Lorelai a cc reduction. Phin a tankiness nerf.


Never disagreed with toning meta roams down.


I don’t think they want small nerfs to roams , they want to kill them like fortress , pillow fights , breaking point / dragon eye stacks bag .


I don’t want them dead lol. I just don’t understand why a hero with no offensive items should be able to 1v1 easily every carry.


The only thing I can see is to buff their roam paths and taking away their damage while leaving the damage for their WP/CP side.


PBE needs to be public imo. Right now I feel there’s such a small sample size of testers that would play the game according to SEMC’s model and not enough who would play it how it’s currently played. More testers mean we get to see what balance changes they’re thinking of before we get hit with random changes on patch release.

Also, the only reason why Anka is considered broken or OP is because almost every other “assassin” has been nerfed or is just so bad that an actual good assassin that does its job looks overtuned.


This is the same argument long time ago about roams damage , if you going to say why a roam hero deal damage without offensive items , you are saying in other words if you want to deal damage as a roam buy offensive items and neglect the team items , because that what roams did when roams were underpowered.

I honestly don’t care at this point , if they going to nerf them , I’ll go back to playing jungle and carry again .


No, I don’t mind them having damage, but I don’t think it’s rright for them to out damage every other class in the game even if they build no damage. They have lots of cc and are extremely tanky, why should they be able to 1v1 every other hero? If not, nerf their cc and tankiness, there is no reason for them to be the best at everything.

Also, roams were boring, not underpowered, a team without a roam would lose 90% of the time.


A good example is phinn. His base dmg on A is completely ridiculous early game compared to most heroes and the cooldown doesn’t really matter. I think a good reference point is captains shouldn’t be able to 1v1 a carry unless they have at least 2 pure dmg items and 2 effect items, 4 items in total. That leaves room for them to get boots and 1 defensive item, which is fair for a wp or cp captain. In general, base dmg is a bit too high. Putting things more in the ratio side would probably solve this, as captains aren’t really supposed to be killing by themselves if they’re buying defensive items. If you want to go capt but still be able to chunk off health you should have to sacrifice a defensive item for an offensive slot AND the item should be somewhat effective too, hence ratios.

Though again, worried that they’ll just do a full on nerf.


If a hero underpowered he/she boring too , why would someone open vainglory , to play a game and enjoy his free time by playing a role rely on others , roam heroes were sad , I remember in some patches I couldn’t finish killing a hero with sliver of health , like that was unfair to get melted as a roam with tanky items and be outdamaged by a carry had sliver of health , that considered ok by carries and junglers , they want roam heroes a background noise in fights .


Which I’m against too, roams should be able to kill already damaged carries, what I’m complaining is them killing by themselves full health carries with 0 damage items and still having half their health remaining. Before the update IMO they already had enough damage.


Simple, most of the commenters wanting roams destroyed are not playing them at all or only rarely as fill. Nothing is better than to be main roam and have the impact of a minion and so few options how you can play that you can literally sleep while you do so. Especially if we start to tone down all the roam abilities, bump their cooldowns to be longer and so on.

Currently good player on roam or top, or even both - won’t save the game if the good players on the enemy team are mid/bot and to some extend jungler. This is the 5vs5 problems, in 3vs3 every player and position had more impact on the outcome. Yes, roams were far more affecting the game overall in 3vs3.


This is the problem - SEMC tendency to overdo things… most likely they will nerf too hard leading to boring state or/and return of WP/CP items building on roam as first items that will lead to better outcome vs roam items (as the game is starting to be “rolling stone down the hill” type of, nowdays).

Otherwise I agree that some roams need nerfs, ofc. Some needs buffs on the other hand (good and easy example would be fortress - both for needing buff and SEMC overdo part of this post). We will see… we have some time till the next update. Not like they hurry to deliver, the game has tons of bugs and gameplay issues, but np - we will move from 1m release schedule to 2m release schedule… to fix bugs… :smiley:


They rarely overdo with roams other than fortress. I would just rever the last changes and nerf lorelai, maybe a slightly nerf to Yates (they were both top tier). Last update roams were arreado the strongest class, no need to buff them.


I agree entirely. In fact, I experienced a lot of success toward the end of last season with two captains (support build) and three carries. When this update came out, that combo became even more lethal. The jungler has almost no impact now.

Bring caps back to how they were.

Reduce time between spawn cycle of jungle monsters.

Reduce ambient gold in lane.

This still keeps Captain as the strongest class but makes the jungler way more viable and makes staying in the jungle more enticing.


Supports were never sad they were always really strong but people just suck at playing support.