Oldskool's hero ratings

I would say Hybrid idris is more on the overpowered side than balanced side and Flicker is more on the strong side than overpowered side. Magnus probably classifies as overpowered, he pretty much got the ratings off all the other heroes spot on.
Edit: I also disagree with Ringo, he’s very similar to Gwen and they’re both solid.


I think he is more after the simple ringo kit (not that strong slow if not in overdrive for A and even then not that great + not that strong speed buff with B). Compared to gwen that don’t need insane stutterstep (makes her easier to play consistently) + she got stun on the ult and great escaping/chasing/effects canceling too in the face of B and also the B gives permanent roaming speed boost. Gwen is just better and have a lot more going on in her.

Sadly, can’t be done a lot about ringo - buffing numbers will make him overpowered and that’s all. Right now he is great in the hands of stuttersteping like crazy players that want’s pure DPS. Besides that he is not on the GWEN level.

Otherwise I could also agree overall with that list.

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Celeste is overpowered?

In what universe?


The hero that can wipe out entire team ?


Samuel has to be OP or he happens to be the perfect character for me and I don’t know why I would try playing anything else. I am new to the game. Started at no rank and am up to rank 7 bronze, soon to be silver and possibly gold today, and I have like a 70+ win rate with him and I am in the 50-55% range with everyone else. I have to work hard with other characters, even Magnus, but with Samuel it seems easy to roll the other team.

Celeste and samual can do that too. But does not mean that they are overpowered

Samuel at the moment is a weaker version of Celeste, the only thing Samuel does better than Celeste is early game presence but Celeste has Samuel outdamaged and out ranged mid to late game. Celeste dishes out 600 damage per super nova late game and her ult eats 75% of your hp, her helio being on 1.5 cooldown with chargers and infusion she can plant and entire field of helios that you cant approach.

Samuel has more range at all stages of the game.

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Er no… samual has more range.
And celeste is nerfed this patch if I am not wrong

Celeste has more effective range, so the range of the helio + the radius of the supernova.

Lign 1 is empowered malice and verdict, lign 2 is heliogenisis, the circle is the supernova, point A is the range of empowered malice, point B is the range of heliogenisis, point C is the range of supernova.

She do but samual can easily snowball and move around with his A + B and with clockwork, he will snowball much faster than helio to go nova . And also she has to be in range for helio to go nova too unless she wants to commit sucide to be within in range of samul just to make it go nova

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No he can’t actually snowball at all, no mid laner can snowball in fact supports usually wins you mid lane.

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If they want to balance Kinetic all they need to do is make her energy consumption go through the roof. Kinetic has the opportunity to use her A to get a stack twice during a stack duration. Punish her if she uses it consistently on her first cycle so she has to use it on her second or else she gets no stacks. This would make her somewhat tolerable to lane against and even easier to lane against if the jungling meta gets balanced.

Lorelai just needs to be tuned down overall.


Thats what you draw, not what it is. Empowered M&V has 3 more range than celeste’s A. And it also has AoE.

They actually have the same range maybe there is 0.1 or 0.2 range difference probably not noticable with naked eye.
And Sam will deal Aoe damage if he directly hits an enemy or a minion close to an enemy, Celeste deals aoe with actuaply having to hit someone.

I remember you posting that not long what happened.


Hotness silver/gold if you’re new is really really good. How long have you been playing exactly? Anyway my guess is Samuel isn’t that easy to counter in tier 7. People aren’t coordinated to dive him and it’s also probably harder to do mechanically. Also lower tiers always have less DPS and burst as they get items later. Mechanics again aren’t on the same level so you’re less likely to die in 1 go and Samuel heals the damage up.

My point is he’s apparently strong in lower tiers because they just don’t know/can not counter him. Just like how they can’t focus and kill Alpha and think she’s OP. Can’t stop Krul’s lifesteal or SAW’s DPS. Or you just found your best fit hero and outperform everyone on it. Don’t really know, just guessing.

Its actually tragic that lower tiers prioritize Alpha so much its such a terrible hero atm i remember a guy going absolute nuts cause i didnt ban Alpha on smurf…

Yeah I agree. They did that even when she was not even close to viable (not that she is now). But can you really blame them? It works for them. They don’t know how to counter it so they just ban her. When they improve they’ll realize she’s not broken or even good but for now they can’t. My problem comes when they try to enforce their opinion on high tiers. Everyone has been low tier at some point. There’s no wrong with that. But higher tiers are higher for a reason. When I was new I didn’t understand many things of what good players were doing but I didn’t think I know better because that’s just not true. Just strive to improve.

I mostly agree with the raitings. I would classify BF as strong. I was excited at first, reading the update notes about Joule, a slow to replace bounce back from A, and an increased crystal ratio for her B. The nerf to her ult seems to have had more impact than I thought, and the nerf on the B for wp path seems to be frustrating.