Old forums are still accessible

You can still login but can’t post ofc.

Probably shouldn't login for security reasons.


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That seems VERY shady … no SSL, trackers all over it … there’s absolutely no way I’d log in to that site under any circumstances.

Wonder how they got a copy of the password database … :unamused:


Yeah I logged in but my password was already set to a throwaway password from when I downloaded the forums.

Why is it still up tho.? Shouldn’t that domain be up for sale?
I don’t know how web works.

It’s not a VG domain – it’s basically a mirror of the old forums that’s mapped to a directory on a hosting site in the UK. It appears someone got a copy of the Xenforo installation, including the password db.

Xenforo has some major security issues, fwiw, so I doubt it was especially difficult.

Like I said, VERY shady – it smells very phishy, if you know what I mean.


wayback machine

Since 2014.

Edit: Even if the site itself is legit, you shouldn’t login because it doesn’t use HTTPS.


This is getting weirder. An unofficial mirror? I’m having trouble explaining its existence … :thinking:

Wholeheartedly agree with that advice, both because the connection’s not secure and because we have no idea who has access to the password database.

General online security advice to anyone reading this: Don’t reuse passwords, folks!

Is this site Hidden or searchable in Google ? , how did you find it ! , and what about the forums rights is this legal , semc should close it right ?!

I have no idea what the laws are where this is concerned, but it seems like there might be a big issue here. How DID the password database get into anyone else’s hands, and whose hands is it in?

It is on Google. I found it by searching "popcornone" (with the quotes) and it was on like the 5th page.
There were already several Google spider bots online as well as a couple of guests when I first logged in.
It’s definitely going to pop up in Google search results now that it’s been linked to from here.

Most people probably used the same password for the forums as they did for their VG account and probably for other accounts as well so this would be a big problem.

But I don’t think this is a clone. I think it’s the real forums. You can have multiple web addresses that point to the same IP. My guess is that the forums was hosted by this company and they served the site from the forums.vainglorygame.com address. The forums-vainglorygame-com.nh-serv.co.uk address was probably just used for maintenance or as a backup and was never meant to be exposed.

We should probably contact SEMC about it though.
Edit: I submitted a help request to SEMC about it.

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That’s my guess too. The hosting company was in London, iirc, or thereabouts, which always caused issues for coordinating outages for our forum visitors, or handling FTP issues (part of why the backgrounds and visual assets hardly ever changed). I’ll poke around to see if I can get an answer.


Yep, I bet that’s it exactly.

Not really impressed with the hosting company, though. :unamused:

What if I said that Idk the password I used for the OGForums :mask:

Im a little scared but im sure that its not the same password that I used somewhere else.

HIGHLY recommended. (There are lots of others as well, but I’ve been using 1PW for > 10 years and use it on every device, PC, and Mac I own.)


Ahhhhhhh the good ol’ times.



Woah the forums closed on 2018, huh? Felt like ages ever since.
I can finally see my first UI thread again :heart_eyes:

Seeing this picture in particular just makes me want to do a “What I Wish VG Had Been” thread so badly.

Also, can’t believe Varya was the latest hero at the time. Huh.



Did you create that UI concept :skaarf:

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I actually remember talking with Mejlis about this site. This is indeed legit from SEMC but I had assumed it was closed down alongside the main forums as we know. I remember the forums also used GMT and that’s why at midnight-1 am gmt the forums would be down for about 5-10 minutes. (That site is from UK so I’m assuming the main site was also hosted in UK)


I know I am a bit late but shout out to this guy